Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands Review

The Torin Big Red Double Locking Steel Jack Stands: 6 Ton Capacity, 1 Pair is a high quality, locking steel jack stand made from high-grade steel.

These tools are essential for repairs and above all, they must be safe and dependable.

When one has to get under their vehicle for maintenance or changing tires, safety is the number one priority.

The jack was designed to support the weight of a large car during repairs and maintenance, allowing mechanics adequate work space without compromising their personal safety in any way.

Jack Stands FAQ

“What Types of Jack Stands Are Available?”

There are two main designs; stands with fixed height, and stands with adjustable height.

The fixed variants offer the advantage of not having too many moving parts, but since they cannot be adjusted, they lack portability.

That portability is important for certain tasks such as changing tires or taking out the transmission. The adjustable stands have variable height and are easy to adjust.

The modifiable models include rotational jacks too, and with these devices, the user can lift the car by adjusting a center column. This gives plenty of space for repair and maintenance works.


  • plusMaterial: Steel
  • plusWeight Capacity: 6 Ton (12000 pounds)
  • plusSupport Range: 15-5/16In. to 23-13/16 In
  • plusSecurity Features: Double-locking capability
  • plusProduct Weight: 34 Lbs
  • plusJack Dimensions: 18.1 x 11.4 x 10 Inches

  • In reality, they can handle even more than that, but for safety reasons, this is the maximum weight anyone should put on the stands.

The double-lock feature further adds to the safety of the mechanism.

Additionally, the patented safety pin boast a high load bearing capacity, another feature that was included to make the tool safer. Lastly, the iron ratchet bar comes in handy, literally.

This jack is highly adjustable and this adjustability combined with its versatility facilitate more efficient repairs and maintenance.

The Torin Big Red Double Locking Steel Jack Stands: 6 Ton Capacity, 1 Pair is ASME PALD certified, approved by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

The design supports a lift range between 16’’ and 23’’, another staple of versatility. With the easy adjustment feature, changing the setting is a breeze.

It only takes the user a couple of seconds to adjust the jacks in a safe and efficient way.

This is the highest safety standard for mechanical devices.

The design weighs only 29.45 pounds, making it versatile and easy to operate. 

The Torin Big Red T46002A covers a large surface area and is unlikely to sink into the surface, even under big pressure.

Torin Big Red vs. Performance Tool 6 Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stand set

The Performance Tool 6 Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stand set is another capable steel jack stand that gives Torin a run for its money.

This jack comes with the same rated capacity at 12,000 pounds, and provides a lift range between 15.5’’ and 23.5’’, so there is little difference there.

The multi-position feature is a valuable addition because it makes the device even more versatile.

It is a little heavier than the Torin Big Red Jack Stand, but the difference is negligible.

Our Verdict

The Torin Big Red wins this comparison by a hair’s breadth.

Both designs are extremely sturdy and have very similar features. 

Even their dimensions and weight is similar, but the Torin Big Red  has the patented double-lock feature that ultimately puts it ahead of the Performance Tool 6 Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stand set.

The paramount feature of these devices must be safety.

Torin include the patented the double-lock technology, and this feature adds an extra layer of safety for the user.

Anyone, who rolls under a vehicle that weighs multiple tons, takes on some risks.

This is inevitable, but the goal is to minimize these risks, and th​is jack stand does a slightly better job at this than its competitor.

Both designs are good choices if someone is looking for a high-quality jack stand, but Torin’s tool is safer.

In our opinion, the patented double-lock technology feature ultimately won the contest for the Torin Big Red.

Our Rating