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DIY: How To Build Your Own Transmission Jack In 7 Steps

Transmission jacks are a completely necessary piece of equipment that can be found in most garages, and they are used for installing and removing transmissions from a variety of different vehicles. Selecting

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white car on metal ramp

Are Metal Car Ramps Better Than Plastic Car Ramps?

Car ramps can be defined as equipment that gives out a method automobile rising from the ground to enhance access to the undercarriage.They are used for lifting up cars so that you can have an opportunity

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Black jack stands

DIY: How to Use Jack Stands

As a car owner, you should know how to lift your car with a jack stand. You need this tool since it raises your car from the ground so you can do maintenance work.Although it seems uncomplicated, there

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Red transmission jack

How To Repair A Transmission Jack

It is safe to say that no garage in the world would be complete without a proper transmission jack.This relatively simple piece of equipment helps to remove and transport transmissions safely.If you manage

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How To Build A Motorcycle Lift Table Out Of Wood

Motorcycle lift tables enable both enthusiasts and mechanics to perform a variety of hassle-free maintenance procedures on their motorcycles.These tables often come in handy for a variety of tasks, including

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Tire Sizing: Learn How to Use the Tire Height Calculation

The correct tire size is vital for your car to perform well and to keep you safe. In choosing a tire, you should know your driving condition and inclination.To determine the size of your tires, read on

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Learn How to Use a Floor Jack

Knowing how to use a floor jack is an essential skill, especially when you are into fixing cars all the time. If you want to know how to use this tool, here are simple steps that you can follow at home:What

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Lifting big car with floor jack

How Does a Floor Jack Work?

Floor jacks come in various forms and sizes. Because of their versatility, floor jacks are often used to make heavy things easier to lift, be it cars, vans, and other heavy materials.In this article, we

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How to Use a Transmission Jack Adaptor

To understand how to use a transmission jack adaptor, first, one has to understand why someone would need one.Anyone, who’s ever tried to take out a transmission without the right equipment, understands

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Your Guide To Making Homemade Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks are an excellent piece of kit to keep on hand in your vehicle or garage.The right chocks, applied correctly, can offer an extra measure of safety and stability for a car, particularly when

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How To Use A Brake Bleeder – DIY In 10 Steps

It’s important to use a brake bleeder to bleed the brakes of a car following a component replacement involving one of the brake lines.You may also need one when old fluid needs to be flushed.A spongy

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How To Bleed And Fill A Floor Jack

Learning how to bleed a floor jack is skill that will save you a lot of time and money!When you own a hydraulic floor jack, you will notice that over time, its performance starts declining and you wonder

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