TCE TCE83508 Torin Low Profile 3.25 Ton Floor Jack Review

tce 3.25 torin hydraulic floor jack review

Looking for a great floor jack with high capacity and sturdy built? The TCE 3.25 ton floor jack will be an ideal choice for you. Not only does it have good reviews from customers, but it also comes with plenty of features. You can read our complete review below for the TCE Torin 6,500 lb car jack.

TCE Torin 3.25 Ton Floor Jack Overview

4.8 customer review

Why You Need The TCE 3.25 Ton Floor Jack:

  • Constructed with heavy duty industrial-grade steel
  • 3.25 Ton lifting capacity
  • Minimum lifting height of 3-7/8″ & maximum height of 21-1/8″
  • Sealed cast iron pump base with double pistons for fast lifting
  • Foam bumper pad to avoid damage to vehicle
  • Easy to handle heavy duty grip
  • Reinforced structural lifting arm


TCE Torin 3.25 Ton Floor Jack Review

tce torin 3.25 floor jack reviewThe TCE 83508 floor jack comes with 3.25 lift capacity which can be used to lift about 6,500 pounds of weight. This capacity is more than enough for lifting a wide range of automobiles including heavy cars, trucks, vans etc. Its low profile design and 21-⅛ inch lift range makes it an ideal tool for the garage. It comes with a load control adjustment system using which you can control the amount of load you’re lifting. It is suitable for both industrial and everyday use.

Coming to the construction, it is made from high-grade steel that offers excellent strength and stability. There is a two-piece fast release handle that helps in easy manoeuvring. Further, the low profile design allows you to reach the vehicle at different points. On top of it, jack comes with an inbuilt safety overload mechanism that prevents overloading. Moreover, the tool is ASME PASE Standards compliant.

TCE 3.25 Ton Floor Jack Benefits

  • Stability When Lifting Vehicles:

    A floor jack along with the jack stands lifts a heavy vehicle at multiple points keeping it in place firmly. It gives you amazing stability and extra points of redundancy in case something fails.

  • Easy And Convenient:

    The main reason behind the popularity of floor jacks is their ease of use. They feature a user-friendly design which is perfect even for the beginners. They make it very easy and quick to lift heavy weights. Also, they can be easily transported.

  • Made With Steel:

    A good quality floor jack will last for years if taken a bit care of. For this, always invest in a jack that is made from high-grade material. Talking about the materials, steel is considered to be the best as it offers excellent strength and durability.

  • 6,500 Pound Lifting Capacity:

    The TCE Floor Jack can lift vehicles up to 3.25 tons, which makes it incredibly powerful and useful when lifting most vehicles.

  • Lifting Range:

    Not every floor jack can lift vehicles with a minimum lifting height of 3-7/8″ and many will not reach the maximum height of 21-1/8″.

  • Safety Features:

    The TCE TCE83508 features a built-in safety overload system, which prevents use beyond its rated capacity of 3.25 tons. Additionally, this car jack is tested for reliability and safety to meet ASME PASE Standards.

    TCE 3.25 Ton Floor Jack Best Price


    TCE 3.25 Ton Floor Jack Specifications

    • Manufacturer: TCE
    • Brand: TCE
    • Item Weight: 97.9 pounds
    • Product Dimensions: 29.92 x 13.58 x 6.69 inches
    • Item model number: TCE83508
    • Lifting Capacity: 3.25 Tons (6,500 pounds)



    TCE 3.25 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack Features

    • 2-piece grip offers easy maneuvering
    • Foam bumper pad for extra protection
    • Reinforced lift arm for easy positioning
    • Rubber saddle pad offers a comfortable grip
    • Heavy steel construction offers durability and strength

    Final Verdict

    So, should you invest in the TCE 3.25 Ton Floor Jack?


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    Are TCE Floor Jacks Good?

    If you’re looking for a heavy-duty floor jack that will last for years and comes at a cheap price, The TCE TCE83508 3.25 ton floor jack is a great option for you. It is durable, sturdy, and comes with amazing features. On the downside, it is quite heavy. So, if you don’t mind your jack to be slightly heavy, go for it without thinking much.

    Why Use A Floor Jack?

    Whether you’re stepping into DIY car maintenance or opening a mechanic shop, a good floor jack is something you can’t do without. It is the most useful and important tool for handling heavy vehicles such as cars, trucks, vans, etc.

    Before making the final purchase decision, first, ask yourself why you need a floor jack? Can’t you use any other type of jack? The answer is, floor jack offers an ideal way to lift a heavy vehicle to perform a number of jobs. The main advantage of floor jack is that you don’t need to do a lot of muscular work while raising your jack. It is easy and highly convenient to use.

    Why Use a Steel Floor Jack

    Steel is the most popular material that is used for constructing heavy-duty floor jacks. It makes the floor jacks sturdy, solid and durable. Another advantage of purchasing steel jacks is, they are very cost-effective as compared to aluminum jacks. Plus, they will last for years and don’t need much maintenance, so you will save from the replacement also.