Should You Buy Or Rent A Transmission Jack?

No professional mechanic should go without a transmission jack, as the device plays a vital role in any garage. 

A transmission jack enables mechanics to effortlessly work on the transmissions of different types of vehicles without the risk that would otherwise come with working on such a heavy mechanical part.

A transmission jack can lift this weight with ease, enabling a mechanic to lower the transmission out of the car and repair it without the need to even remove it from the jack.

What You Need To Know About A Transmission Jack?

A transmission jack is a hydraulic piece of equipment that has been specifically designed for lifting and lowering a transmission into and out of a vehicle.

It also acts as an operating space for a mechanic, as the transmission can be worked on without the need to remove it from the jack first.

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 Any mechanic who has ever attempted to remove a transmission without a professional jack knows how dangerous and difficult it can actually be.

Transmissions are a rather unusual shape, and they are almost impossible to balance on your own.

 On average, a transmission weighs approximately 150 pounds. 

It is possible to get one out with a lot of effort, but it is nearly impossible to put one back. 

Furthermore, attempting to lift such a heavy piece of metal into a vehicle can be both frustrating and dangerous.

What Should You Consider When Looking For A Transmission Jack?

There are a few different factors that you have to take into consideration if you are looking to purchase or rent a transmission jack.

One of the main characteristics to think about is the maximum weight capacity of the jack.

You have to make sure that it is capable of lifting what you want it to lift. 

You also have to take into consideration the material that the transmission jack is made of and how adaptable it is.

Most transmission jacks are made of high-quality steel to offer an additional level of durability.

The adaptability of your transmission jack depends entirely on the type of jack.

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Stand-alone units have their own hydraulic units and are used specifically for repairing transmissions.

Adapter-style transmission jacks are a little bit different, as they have to be used with an existing floor jack.

The Benefits of Buying a Transmission Jack

Buying a transmission jack outright is often the best choice for people who work as professional mechanics.

It is worth having one around that you can use at your leisure.

Owning one also means that you don’t have to worry about not having one when you need it the most.

Purchasing a transmission jack outright is also cost effective in a professional environment. 

You only have to pay for it once, and most of the jacks that are available on the market are priced at competitive rates.

The Benefits of Renting a Transmission Jack

Renting a transmission jack comes with a variety of different benefits.

One of the most important benefits to consider is that renting a machine enables you to upgrade it frequently.

You can keep up with the most innovative equipment without having to worry about what that equipment will cost you.

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Renting a transmission jack also cuts costs in other ways, as it completely negates the need to pay for maintenance.

Often, a rental contract includes the maintenance of the transmission jack, as well as any extra parts that you would have to purchase if they did break.

The majority of equipment rental agreements come with a worry-free guarantee, assuring you that your equipment will be professionally serviced and maintained.

Most rental specialists are also happy to advise and train your staff on how to use equipment properly.

The use of a rented transmission jack also benefits people who are only looking to perform seasonal or temporary work, as the jack can be taken away when it is no longer needed. 

This gets rid of the need to store a large jack and pay for it while it is not in use, further cutting costs.

Which Is Best For You?

Only you can truly decide whether or not you would benefit more from buying or renting a transmission jack, as it is completely dependent on your own needs as a professional.

One factor that could sway your decision is whether or not you can actually afford to buy a transmission jack outright.

 Do you have the space needed for storing the machine in a professional setting?

If you are working in a garage that has the space necessary, then purchasing a machine outright would probably be the best decision for you. 

A machine that pays for itself with every job is usually worth buying, as it offers pure profit once it has paid off its initial cost.

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Do you only work on a seasonal basis? If so, then you would probably benefit more from renting a machine.

This enables you to have complete control, no longer paying for the machine when you do not need it.

It also gets rid of the need to store it when it is not in use, which would also cost money.

 All in all, the most important factor to consider is whether or not you have enough work coming in to ensure that the machine pays for itself.

Using a transmission jack several times in a garage could result in pure profit.

On the other hand, using one at home for yourself won’t bring in any profit at all, and it is highly unlikely that you would need to use one frequently.