Scissor Jack Adapters & Scissor Jack Drill Sockets

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Scissor Jack Drill Adapters and Sockets

While the idea of turning a screw clockwise or counterclockwise may seem simple enough, in reality, finding an appropriate handle to do this task may prove difficult. Additionally, the handle may keep slipping through the loop, making the task of operating the jack unnecessarily challenging. Scissor jack adapters can greatly help in such scenarios.

What is a Scissor Jack Adapter?

A scissor jack socket adapter is a small tool where one end can be attached to the screw of the jack. The other end is designed such that a power drill can attach to it. Using the power drill, one can quickly and effortlessly raise or lower the jack without having to break a sweat. The socket completely eliminates the need to put in any manual effort into the task. As long as one takes all the necessary precautions, the socket adapter can make changing flat tires a breeze.

What are Scissor Jacks?

Scissor jacks are tools that are used to carefully and safely lift a vehicle off the ground. Most scissor jacks are purely mechanical and look like two scissors that were joined at the tips. Owing to their compact size and small weight, they can be easily stored in the trunk of a car.

How does a Scissor Jack Work?

Scissors jacks have a small pad on the top, called the saddle, which comes into contact with the vehicle. A base is present at the bottom, to allow the jack to stay upright. A long screw runs through the length of the jack, joining the two halves. Usually, a loop is present at the end of this screw, to which an operator can attach a hook to turn the screw. Turning clockwise releases the opposing hinges, increasing the height of the scissor jack and lifting the vehicle up. Turning counterclockwise lowers the height of the jack, and consequently the vehicle.

In Summary

Scissor jack drill adapters are an excellent invention that makes using scissor jacks all the more convenient!