Schwaben Aluminium Low Profile Floor Jack Review

Introducing the Schwaben 011362SCH01A Aluminum Low Profile Floor Jack (2 Ton). The sleek, ultralight, powerhouse floor jack, perfect for the aggressive lowered ride.

Finding the perfect jack doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s all about performance, material, strength, and profile, particularly where gravity shredding performance cars are concerned.

This article runs the rule over Schwaben Tool’s new 2-tonne jack and demonstrates what makes this a workshop essential.


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    Material: Aluminum
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    Weight Capacity: 2 Ton (4000 pounds)
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    Height Capacity: 3.25" to 20"
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    Security Features: Overload and bypass safety valve
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    Product Weight: 49.5 Lbs
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    Jack Dimensions: 31.8 x 14.6 x 7.2 Inches

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Lifting Capacity

A great place to start, the safe lifting capacity is the most important feature of a floor jack.

It’s critical that your floor jack is strong enough to cope with the lifting requirements of your job, this goes without saying.

The hand-operated Schwaben Jack can safely lift 2 tonnes with its extra strong reinforced arm and 6 locking positions for a secure load at multiple heights.

Rock solid lifting is aided by the jack’s heavy duty 584-inch diameter load pin which features a posi lock ball for stability.

Elevate your street machine with complete confidence, safe in the knowledge that this low-profile tool can handle the load.

Construction Material

As a rule, floor jacks are either made from steel or aluminium depending on the use.

This floor jack is constructed of lightweight aluminum, making it ideal for maneuvering around the shop floor from vehicle to vehicle. 

The total weight of this ultra-light jack is only 49.5 lbs. 

The aluminium construction also combines maneuverability with super tough lifting capability, with its heavy-duty flanged bases helping to provide stability under big loads.

With the Schwaben, aluminium strikes the perfect balance between sheer strength and durability, and the ability to slide from position to position with ease.

Low Profile

Instantly recognizable is the Schwaben’s slick low profile, a major advantage over other jacks.

Floor jacks are normally designed with a standard profile or low profile with the later allowing the Schwaben to slip under low profile sports vehicles with ease.

Put simply, the Schwaben Aluminium Low Profile Jack can go where other jacks can’t, without sacrificing any of the grunt needed to elevate the car with ease.

Owing to its clever and purposeful design, it’s amazing to see just how easily this jack can glide under the lowest chassis and lift with ease.

Lifting Range

Each floor jack offers a different lifting range or minimum clearance height.

If your vehicle has large tires for example, then, a larger lifting range is required.

This jack has a solid max lift height of 20 inches with a low lift height of 3.25 inches under a maximum chassis length of 26.5 inches, impressive for such a low profile. 

This gives you all the clearance height to perform the essential tasks that keep your street machine in fine form.

Lifting Speed

An 8 to 10 lifting bar stroke rate is considered standard with most jacks, whereas the Schwaben Low Profile Jack, armed with its dual pump pistons, can raise the saddle to the max height in 5 swift pumps. 

Not only does this require minimum effort for the user, but it’s also super-fast.

The angular positioned pump pistons extract the most lift out of every single stroke, even when the jack is completely in situ under the car.

Whether you’re an amateur or professional, time is always a factor, making the speed of elevation seen in the Schwaben 011362SCH01A Aluminum Low Profile Floor Jack (2 Ton) extremely useful.

Extra Features

Safety certainly hasn’t been an afterthought, with this jack boasting an overload and bypass safety value to prevent the jack from overloading and over-extension.

The 50-inch, two-piece, quick-release padded handle is perfect for easy and efficient storage or design, and the side-mounted handles make carrying and positioning simple task.

One of the most noticeable features of the Schwaben Jack is its smooth and flawless design.

The low profile, ultra-light body allows this jack to glide effortlessly across the floor.

Schwaben Tools

The Schwaben Tool Company are the craftsmen behind the Schwaben 011362SCH01A Aluminum Low Profile Floor Jack (2 Ton). 

Some time ago, the team at Schwaben set out to address the demand for specific jobs tools, which they found hard to obtain for people that did not work professionally within the auto industry.

The process to obtain such specific tools was an arduous one, not to mention costly, with people often having to go directly to auto manufacturers.

Regularly, when ordering specific tools, the customer’s order was placed through a special-order process which above all, took an unreasonable amount of time.

With so many private individuals choosing to work on their beloved vehicles in the garage using high-quality tools, finding a solution was urgent.

This is where Schwaben came in. They began manufacturing application specific tools that were easy to obtain and above all, affordable.

The items are all produced at the highest standard and perfect for use by both amateurs and professionals.

By employing a team of mechanical engineers, Schwaben draws on in-depth manufacturing and design knowledge to determine what works and what doesn’t, leading to new and innovative tools, many of which are unique to Schwaben.

An in-house engineering team performs rigorous testing programs before approving the release of any tool, ensuring all-purpose built tools are of the highest quality.

The Schwaben 011362SCH01A Aluminum Low Profile Floor Jack (2 Ton) is no exception.

Our Veredict

The Schwaben 011362SCH01A Aluminum Low Profile Floor Jack (2 Ton) is in a class of its own when it comes to strength, weight, and durability in such a low-profile jack.

Schwaben has demonstrated that the best, application-specific tools no longer need to be the preserve of the auto industry professional.

The Schwaben Aluminium Low Profile Floor Jack has the specifications to be a winner at the mechanic workshops or the car enthusiasts home garages.

Whatever the location, the low profile will allow you to elevate the lowered ride that gets your pulse racing.

Look no further than the Schwaben Aluminium Low Profile Floor Jack to get the job done.