RhinoGear Rhino Ramps Car Ramp review

Every car owner wants to keep his car in good condition. One of the essential tools that can help maintain the health of a vehicle is an automotive ramp. This RhinoGear rhino ramps car ramp review will help you find the perfect ramp for your vehicle.

What We Like

Patented Design

RhinoGear Rhino ramps have Core-Trac non-skid feet that help in minimizing chances of sliding during use.

In addition, they have a tread pattern. These features make them the most secure and efficient ramps in the market.


RhinoGear Rhino ramps possess a structural design that is sturdy and burly. They have a high capacity of about 12000 pounds, making them the most sufficient for SUVs, trucks, and vans. They are safe and easy to use.

They meet and exceed the Portable Automotive Lifting Device (P.A.L.D.) standards.


They are made of lightweight material and are portable. Furthermore, they have a space-saving design for easy and efficient storage.

Cost Effective

RhinoGear Rhino ramp is one of the best vehicle ramps that you can buy today, and it is currently the lowest costing ramp in the market.

Because it is cost effective, more and more people choose this brand.

A brand new RhinoGear Rhino ramp only costs 34 dollars. Aside from its cost-effectiveness, this brand is great as it performs well even if it only costs less than other brands.

Plus, it has additional features such as its storage, which makes it a very convenient tool to use.


RhinoGear Rhino ramps only weigh 19 pounds. Compared to other car ramps, this is considered as lightweight.

Lightweight ramps are an advantage as they are easier to carry around, and this is a major thing for drivers as they always travel from place to place.

Another good thing about RhinoGear Rhino ramps is that they have easy storage features that make storing a much easier chore for drivers.

Moreover, a lot of drivers like this product as it is lightweight, but it has a great capacity.

In fact, it can support up to 12,000 pounds. For a lightweight tool, this is an impressive level of capacity.

Strong Grip

The surface of this car ramp will work together with the treading of your vehicle’s tires to provide you with the necessary grip to keep your vehicle stable while you’re on the ramp.

Inclination Degree

RhinoGear Rhino ramps have a 17-degree inclination that makes them a great tool for low profile vehicles since the clearance is efficient and adequate.

Build Quality

The weight of Rhino ramps makes them easy to move and drag around on the floor of the garage while being used.

They are made of a strong structural foam plastic, technically referred to as polypropylene.

The good thing about these devices is that they have a non-skid base that makes them efficient and safe to use.

Introducing the RhinoGear Rhino Ramps


  • check
    Materials: High Strength Plastic
  • check
    Height: 8.5 inches
  • check
    Length: 36 inches
  • check
    Width: 9 inches
  • check
    Shipping weight: 24.9 pounds

Our Rating

The holding capacity of RhinoGear Rhino ramps is about 12,000 pounds. This is actually equal to the weight of more than five standard sized vehicles. 

This proves that Rhino ramps have the capability of supporting the weight of most vehicles including vans and SUVs.

Rhino ramps have a length of 36”, a height of 81/2”, and an incline of seventeen degrees.

They are actually the most appropriate for low clearance vehicles because of the additional clearance provided by the tires.

The lifting range of many other vehicles in the market doesn’t take into account the vehicle’s tires.

Rhino ramps cannot move around while in operation because they have been designed with a unique special Core-Tec non-skid base.

With these devices, chances of serious injuries occurring are minimal.

Unlike many other ramps that are designed to be drilled into the ground, RhinoGear Rhino ramps can be used where there is limited garage space.

RhinoGear ramps are stackable, meaning their storage is easy.

If you cannot convert your garage into a professional garage center because of reasons that are best known to you, these ramps can be the most appropriate for you. Each has a stance of about 12”. 

This creates enough strength with the most appropriate weight distribution, hence allowing vehicles with wide tires to ride with ease.

What We Don’t Like

Unlike many other vehicle lifting devices, you cannot adjust this ramp’s height when a car is resting on it. RhinoGear Rhino ramps are not the most appropriate for particularly slick garage floors. 

They may contain chemicals that can cause problems like cancer and many other reproductive problems.

RhinoGear Rhino ramps can only support a limited number of vehicles because of their limited width. To be specific, you can only use them if the width of your vehicle tires is more than 9 inches.

Another drawback is that these ramps have a relatively low ground clearance.      

Why Use Car Ramps

You use RhinoGear Rhino Ramps to raise the front part of your vehicle. You can also use them when you want to raise your car onto a platform like when you display your car at auto shows or car meets.

The convenience factor is actually one of the greatest advantages of using RhinoGear Rhino ramps. It takes much less time to raise your vehicle using Rhino ramps compared to many other vehicle lifting devices.

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How to Use RhinoGear Rhino Ramps

RhinoGear Rhino ramps are easy to use. If you’re new to using this tool, read the simple guide below.

Step 1

Ensure that the surface you intend to work on is flat. It should have enough space for your car to roll for around one or two meters. 

Make sure that your wheels remain straight ahead. Keep each of the ramps directly to each of the wheels.

Step 2

Get into your car and then drive it slowly up the ramp. It’s not advisable to do it at a fast speed because you may push the ramps away.

When you get to the top of the RhinoGear Rhino ramps, stop and then engage your parking brake.

You can now get out of the vehicle and see if the tires are properly balanced on the ramps. Stop the engine if you realize that everything is in order.

Step 3

If you want, you can add an extra security by placing other devices like jack stands below the vehicle. This will make you feel safer and more secure.

However, this is not a must. You can actually do this without having a second layer of security.

Once your vehicle is on the ramp, you can start working. You can perform tasks such as adding a new gadget or changing the oil.

Precautionary Measures to Take When Using RhinoGear Rhino Ramps

Black wheel chocke

Although RhinoGear Rhino ramps are safe to use, there are safety measures that you need to follow just to make sure that you’re doing things right. Here are some precautionary measures that you must keep in mind when using these tools.

1. Make sure that your vehicle is seated on the flat section of your ramp.

There are a number of things you need to know when moving your vehicle up a ramp. Ensure that your vehicle sits on the flat spot at the top.

It is risky to park your vehicle in the sloppy section of the Rhino ramp as it may roll backward.

2. Position your vehicle in the center or middle of the ramp.

As you position your vehicle, make sure that its wheels do not hang off at all. Wheels that hang off can easily slide out of the way, hence causing damages and other related accidents.

To avoid these problems, consider doing a thorough inspection before climbing under your car.

Through this type of inspection, it is easy to notice a wheel that hangs off, hence taking the necessary precautionary measures.

3. Before using, check for the rubber stop.

All ramps are designed with a rubber stopper in the front. Before using your Rhino ramp, check whether it has its rubber stop.

This way, you can make sure that your ramp will not slip away as you use it.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Car Ramp

Before making your final buying decision, make sure that you have crossed out all the items on your checklist. If you don’t have a checklist, however, it’s not too late to make one. Here are some items that you can begin with:

Ground Clearance

Your car’s ground clearance is actually one of the few considerations you need to make when buying RhinoGear Rhino Ramps.

Most of them can work on most vehicles. However, vehicles that are generally low, like exotic cars, race cars, and sports cars require Rhino ramps of lower and longer profile.

Weight Capacity

Ramps are usually rated for a particular capacity. You need to keep this in mind if you are planning to buy one.

Yellow car going on car ramp

You have to pay more attention to a ramp’s capacity, especially if you have a heavy truck. It is advisable to look for the weight of your vehicle on either car forums or in the owner’s manual.

A good ramp is one that can withstand more than half the total weight of your vehicle.

This is one of the rules that you need to know when buying and using a ramp.

Otherwise, your life may be in danger. RhinoGear Rhino Ramps have a width of about 9 inches. This is why they are most suitable for cars with relatively wide tires.

They can raise your vehicle about 61/2 inches off the ground, hence providing enough space for you to do the necessary repair.

Although they have few disadvantages, you can use them anywhere and in any situation.  

Safety Features

Safety should be on your list. Safety features may vary between different brands. The most important factor to focus on is any feature that allows your tires to have a strong grip.

This is important for you to make sure that your car will not slide accidentally as you work.


After reading this RhinoGear Rhino ramps car ramp review, you may have made your decision.

Whether you choose this product or not, take into consideration the important factors that make up a good ramp and focus on them as you make your selection.

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