Powerbuilt Floor Jackeview Review

Powerbuilt Floor Jack Review

Finding a cost-effective floor jack is not about going for the cheapest in the market. Choosing a low-quality floor jack is a terrible idea because they can end up causing thousands of dollars worth of damage, not to mention severe injuries to the user.

If you are on a budget, you have to do some additional research to find a floor jack that offers all the features you need without sacrificing quality.

You may have more than one type of vehicle in your house, so a jack that is compatible with alternative vehicles would be a huge plus.

Like all jacks, you also have to consider the weight of the cars which you’ll be jacking up. The jack you choose needs to be powerful enough to lift your heaviest vehicle comfortably.

Moreover, you have to consider height requirements for your car repair. If you own an elevated vehicle you have to find a jack with a high maximum lift capacity. Likewise, lowered cars require a jack that has a low profile so it can fit underneath the car comfortably.

If you are looking for a cost-effective, versatile floor jack that can be used for multiple purposes, the Powerbuilt floor jack may be the answer you were looking for.

Known as one of the most affordable, feature-packed jacks out there, the Powerbuilt is designed for multiple uses. It has enhanced security features, and its rugged build easily surpasses the industry standard for quality.

About The Product

The Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy-Duty 4000 Lb Triple Lift Jack is an awesome tool that is popular among savvy DIYers and workshop owners. And, because of its patented design, this multiple-purpose jack is great to use with an array of popular specialty vehicles.


  • Materials: Aluminum 
  • Weight Capacity: 2 Tons or 4000 Lbs
  • Height Capacity: 5.25″ to 17.5″
  • Security Features: Lock Bar to Hold Jack in Place Once Lifted
  • Product Weight: 85 Lbs
  • Jack Dimensions: 27 x 17 x 9 Inches

Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000 lb Triple Lift Jack

Our Rating

Just by taking a look at it, you quickly realize that this is not like any other traditional floor jack. Its patented design boasts of a removable saddle, which exposes padded rails that are designed to support various different types of automotive frames.

The Powerbuilt can be used for ATVs, cars, motorcycles, UTVs, trucks, and numerous other vehicles. In addition, this jack is popularly used to replace and repair transmissions as well as differentials.

The rugged build of the Powerbuilt is evidence of its reliable and durable design. This jack was created to perform even under the most demanding circumstances. With this versatile floor jack, you can create a working area to service or repair your vehicle almost anywhere.

It’s no surprise that the Powerbuilt is loaded with security features that make it perfect for any situation. The wide-base design naturally adds stability, and it also features tie-down points to secure motorcycles and other lifted vehicles.

Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000 lb Triple Lift Jack

Another outstanding feature only found in the Powerbuilt floor jack is the locking bar designed to hold it in place once it has lifted your vehicle.

The locking bar comes in the form of a safety bar which is placed through a hole, and works as a wedge for your jack.

If your jack comes plummeting down, the safety bar is designed to stop it from trapping anyone underneath.

Remember that all floor jacks should be paired with one or two jack stands, and although the Powerbuilt has specialized safety features, it’s no exception to this rule.

With a weight capacity of 2 tons or 4000 Lbs, this jack is more than strong enough to all vehicles from sedans right down to vans and trucks.

What We Like

The real question with the Powerbuilt is what is there not to love?

The prices for this multi-purpose floor jack is the first thing worth mentioning. Its low price tag and rugged design alone are enough to make it a crowd favorite.

Starting from the top, this floor jack is among the most visually appealing found on the market. It’s patented design not only works beautifully, but also gives your workshop or garage a touch of class. And the best part is that looks are not this jack’s strong point.

Versatility is the main reason why the Powerbuilt stands out. Its removable saddle and padded rail features allow you to lift conventional and unconventional vehicles for repair.

The two rear caster wheels are bolted for optimum movability and placement, and allow full 360 degree turns.

Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000 lb Triple Lift Jack

With a 4000 Lbs capacity, this floor jack is suitable for heavier vehicles like vans and SUVs. The wide-base design is key to maintaining stability, and its lightweight aluminum frame makes it easy to move and store.

The locking bar is a great feature that you can use to lock your floor jack in place once the load is lifted. This is perfect for motorcycles and alternative vehicles, but we suggest you always pair your jack with a jack stand when working on trucks and other conventional cars.

What We Don’t Like

There is one aspect of the Powerbuilt that may limit its functionality, depending on the use you want to give it. It has a clearance height of 5.25 inches, which is fine for most vehicles, but may be too high for sports cars or lowered rides.

At just 17.5 inches high, the max lifting height is considerably below the competition’s average. Although this should be enough to place jack stands and work under a normal vehicle, it may be too low for elevated trucks and SUVs.

A few users also noted that the jack started leaking after a few months, and although any mechanic worth their salt can patch it up, it may be a major setback for occasional DIYers.

Our Buying Advice

Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000 lb Triple Lift Jack

Take advantage of free shipping and order your Powerbuilt Triple Lift floor jack from Amazon where you’ll also be able to check out other customers’ reviews.

Besides having free shipping they also offer the most competitive prices, with this jack starting around $130.


The Powerbuild is a versatile, strong, and beautifully crafted floor jack, and makes a fine addition to any garage or workshop it’s put in.

Remember to read the user manual for all your vehicles before making a choice, but as long as they fall under the weight limitations, the Powerbuilt is sure to cater to all your mechanic needs

Our Rating