Omega 41003 Black Telescopic Transmission Jack Review

Telescopic transmissions enable the user to transfer the transmission directly onto the workbench after taking it out, adding another layer of comfort and convenience.

The Omega 41003 Black Telescopic Transmission Jack - 1000 lb. Capacity is a versatile tool with a high weight limit and some incredibly useful features.


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    Material: Metal
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    Weight Capacity: 1/2 Ton (1000 pounds)
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    Height Capacity: 36" to 72-1/8"
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    Key Feature: Two-staged chrome-plated rams
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    Product Weight: 140 Lbs
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    Jack Dimensions: 37 x 13.4 x 15.9 Inches

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Transmission Jack FAQ

With their unique role and use, transmission jacks are sometimes a little misunderstood.

Hobby enthusiasts often try to build their own versions of these devices, with more or less success.

These designs have features that no hobbyist can hope to recreate, but that only increase the number of inquiries about them.

People have certain questions about these devices that need to be answered.

In addition, it never hurts to understand a product or design a little bit better.

This can only improve user experience while enabling people to operate the tool in a safer and more efficient way.

“Can I use a transmission jack for different purposes?”

Transmission jacks have specific functions. If it is an adaptor, one can find other uses for it, but transmission jacks shine when they are used for repairs, with an obvious emphasis on the transmission itself.

Once the transmission rests on the head of the device, by simply lowering it, the user can move them to their workbench and start the work immediately.

“Is weight capacity that important?”

While weight capacity is a measure that should always be taken seriously, it isn’t just a measure that shows how much weight the tool can comfortably handle.

It is also a measure of quality. This jack can handle a ton – literally -, and this shows its quality.

“Is the adjustable saddle important?”

The adjustable saddle allows the user to make quick adjustments while operating the tool, not to mention the increased number of pan configurations.

Technical Features

  • Two-stage chrome-plated rams: This feature allows the user to operate the device in the most efficient way possible.
    • The rams extend the reach beyond what would be normal, making the design more comfortable to handle.
  • 1000 lb. capacity: With a weight capacity of 1000 pounds, the Omega 41003 Black Telescopic Transmission Jack - 1000 lb. Capacity is one of the strongest transmission jacks on the market.
    • Seeing as transmissions have an average weight of about 100 to 150 pounds, this tool can handle almost any gearbox.
  • Rugged steel-wheels: The steel wheels and the swivel ball were made from high-grade steel, capable of withstanding an incredible amount of force.
    • This feature allows the tool to handle the wear and tear of everyday use, while simultaneously increasing its durability.
  • Extra wide base: The extra wide base of the Omega 41003 Black Telescopic Transmission Jack - 1000 lb. Capacity means it has a lower center of gravity.
    • This makes the already sturdy design even more dependable.
  • Foot release pedal: The foot release pedal makes the design even more convenient.


  • Two-stage chrome plated rams
  • Adjustable saddle
  • High-grade steel design
  • Foot release pedal for measured lowering
  • 1000 pound capacity


  • The wheels need occasional maintenance


The Omega 41003 Telescopic Transmission Jack is a sturdy jack made from high-grade steel.

It features two-stage chrome-plated rams for durability and efficiency, allowing the user to increase their reach without compromising efficiency.

This tool has a 1000-pound weight capacity, a high number for a transmission jack. Most transmissions weigh about 120 pounds.

Even the heaviest designs – with the oil still in them – won’t be anywhere near that 1000-pound limit.

The steel-wheels on the​is jack are heavy-duty components as well.

Although they may need the occasional maintenance, depending on the workload, they are high-quality components.

The extra wide base of the design is a feature that may feel is uninspiring, but it absolutely adds to the value and efficiency of this tool.

A foot pedal is a convenient feature for a transmission jack, and yet, not all of them feature one.

The Omega 41003 Telescopic Transmission Jack happens to have one, making it a welcome addition to the many convenient features, while increasing the value of the tool.

The high-grade steel design reinforces these features, making this transmission jack one of the better tools in its price category.

It doesn’t have too many fancy features, but it delivers where it matters the most, convenience and ease of use.

Omega 41003 Telescopic Transmission Jack vs. Sunex 7796 1000-Pound Air and Hydraulic Telescopic Transmission Jack

The Sunex 7796 1000-Pound Air and Hydraulic Telescopic Transmission Jack offers many of the same features as the Omega 41003 Telescopic Transmission Jack.

From the weight capacity to the universal saddle right through to the foot-activated pedal, the two designs are eerily similar.

The Sunex 7796 is not as long, but it has an overload valve that stops anyone, who tries to use it beyond its maximum capacity.

Considering the average weight of a transmission, this is unlikely to happen, but it is a feature that can – in unique situations - come in handy.

The nylon strap is another safety feature allowing the user to secure transmissions with tricky handling or a center of gravity that is hard to pinpoint.

In these situations, it is better to be cautious.

Our Verdict

The Omega 41003 Telescopic Transmission Jack is the better jack between the two.

The Sunex 7796 1000-Pound Air and Hydraulic Telescopic Transmission Jack certainly has many interesting features, but when it comes to the basics, the Omega 41003 is simply better.

The most important difference between the two is the high-grade steel design the Omega jack features.

Even though it is a little lighter, the 41003 feels sturdier and stronger on touch.

It has a wider stance too, which adds to that base of features and makes this design slightly superior.

The two-stage chrome-plated rams are stronger than the Sunex’s, and the foot release pedal feels easier to control. 

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