NOS NSJ0301 3 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack Review

If you are looking for a compact design and a highly efficient floor jack to make lifting easy, you should not look beyond the NOS NSJ0301 3 Ton Aluminum Service Jack. The product is worth considering for its advanced safety features, quality material, and lightweight design. The lightweight design will enable you to transport the jack effortlessly. It features large wheels to offer enhanced maneuverability. We have our complete review below.

NOS 3 Ton Floor Jack Overview

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Why You Need The NOS 3 Ton Floor Jack:

  • Constructed with lightweight aluminum
  • 3 Ton lifting capacity
  • Minimum lifting height of 3-3/4″ & maximum height of 18-1/8″
  • Just 58 pounds in weight
  • 2 piece easy use handle with bumper pad
  • Chassis torsion control and durability
  • Reinforced lift arm for easy vehicle lifting


NOS 3 Ton Floor Jack Review

NOS 3 ton floor jack reviewWhen it comes to quality, it the NOS 3 ton floor jack is 2nd to none. You can use it for a long time to lift all types of vehicles, even heavier vehicles like SUVs. The safety valve will prevent overloading, and 2 piece handle will ensure easy storage.

The NOS 3 Ton car jack is appreciated by users for the height range and weight capacity. Even if it is lightweight, it can manage a heavy lift. The lightweight design and advanced features contribute to the end cost of the product. Yes, you are going to spend a little more on this jack. However, once you go through the safety and user-friendly features, you will certainly find it worth considering. It has reinforced plating and a strong lift arm to make the product lasting. There is great torsion control to prevent slip during lifting. Also, there is a safety valve that will refuse any load beyond the maximum weight capacity. All these features will keep you safe during lifting and will prevent any damage to your vehicle as well as the jack.

Users find it worth spending for its improved performance, stability, and lightweight design. The bumper pad will also offer maximum protection, and the large wheels will ensure maximum maneuverability.

NOS 3 Ton Floor Jack Benefits

You should always know the features and benefits of the car jacks you are researching, Then, you can choose and decide a product with a well-informed mind. We listed a variety of benefits below.

  • 3 Ton Lifting Capacity:

    NOS 3 Ton is designed to lift any vehicles up to 3 tons, and that makes it a perfect choice for your heavy vehicles.

  • Lightweight Aluminum:

    Ultra-lightweight aluminum material makes the end product lightweight but solid and durable. You can easily transport it from one place to another.

  • Durable and Strong Construction:

    Reinforced lift arm and thick and solid side plates will offer added strength and chassis torsion.

  • Safe Floor Jack:

    Features safety valves to prevent overloading and that will ultimately ensure safe lifting.

  • Dual Piece Handle:

    Dual-piece handle to make lifting more convenient and easy.

  • Foam Handle Bumper:

    There is a foam handle bumper to prevent any damage and protect your vehicle from scratches.

  • Can Be Used Anywhere:

    Can be a perfect option for garage use or even roadside emergencies. Both professionals and motor enthusiasts can consider having one to meet their lifting needs.

  • NOS 3 Ton Floor Jack Best Price


    NOS 3 Ton Floor Jack Specifications

    • Jack Material: lightweight aluminum
    • Weight: 58 pounds
    • Lifting Range: from 3.75 Inches to 18.125 Inches
    • Lift Capacity: 3 tons (6,000 pounds)
    • Jack Handle: 2 piece handle
    • Jack Dimensions: 28.7 x 13 x 6.6 inches
    • Jack Power Source: corded electricity



    NOS 3 Ton Floor Jack Features

    • Lightweight aluminum construction to offer
    • Improved performance and easy transportation
    • Easy and convenient heavy loading with reinforced lift arm
    • Built-in valve to prevent overloading and make lifting safe even for beginners
    • Simple and user-friendly design
    • Can be a great option for all types of vehicles including trucks, cars, and SUVs
    • Features a bumper pad to offer enhanced stability
    • The high-quality material and innovative design ensure a lasting result
    • Supported by one year warranty that proves the credibility of the product

    Final Verdict

    So, should you invest in the NOS 3 Ton Floor Jack?


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    Are NOS Floor Jacks Good?

    NOS 3 Ton Car Jack is a small service jack. The size and weight make it a great choice to lift an impressive amount of weight. You can expect all the advanced features in a small pack and can easily accommodate the jack in your convenient places. As it comes with a 3-ton capacity, it can be an excellent addition to any garage. The user-friendly design will ensure easy usage. Even beginners can use it safely by following the instructions. NOS 3 Ton is a powerhouse of advanced features. It is appreciated for delivering enhanced performance and smooth functioning whenever needed. The safety features and quality construction make it a must-have jack for professionals as well as car lovers.

    Why Do I Need a Floor Jack?

    A floor jack can help you to handle any emergency. If you have a jack, you can easily lift your vehicle and check all the parts to find out any potential issues. As the options are many, you might face difficulties to choose the most suitable one. They are useful whether you are doing work in your garage or if you have a roadside emergency.