Nesco Tools 2203 Floor Jack Review

Nesco Tools 2203 Review

It's Funny how we think that mechanical knowledge is all you need to repair your car. Garnering the right tools for the job is even more important. A floor jack is one of those tools you don’t compromise on. Here we look at the Nesco Tools 2203 Low Profile Aluminum Floor Jack. This tool is well regarded as one of the best because it pays attention to details.

Introducing The Nesco Tools 2203 Aluminum Low Profile Floor Jack

Being one of our top picks for floor jacks, this equipment comes in a beautiful streamlined design. But don’t be fooled by the sleek look since the jack is up to the task. With a capacity of lifting cars around 3 tons, we can safely say you are in for a great working time.

For all the low clearance cars out there; the Nesco 2203 is here to enable you lift those low profiles with no hassle at all. It is versatile in that it has a high range lifting height. The saddle can go as low as 3 ½ inches to as high as 19 ¼ inches. This way, you are not limited to a particular design of cars.

Speak of vehicles with low skirts such as sports cars or as high as SUVs; you’ll be able to get your limbs under them. As such, many professionals have come to rely on this jack for their demanding jobs.

High-Quality Construction

The first time you lay eyes on the Nesco 2203, you’ll be able to tell it’s not just any other car jack. The blue color finish applies a non-corrosive edge to ensure the device does not rust before its time has come. You’ll also love the aluminum construction which makes it lightweight and portable. As compared to other floor jacks this one comes in at only 58pounds.

You can take it with you in the car boot and use just about anywhere. When it comes to the durability, you’ll like that the side plates are made from steel. You can, therefore, expect it to withstand heavy usage since it is virtually indestructible.

We love that the manufacturer makes it easy for you to pump even when taking it all the way to the full height. With a dual plunger lifting mechanism, it is no brainer getting to lift and lower to the desired height. It saves you much of the effort needed as it needs 9pumps to full extension. Isn’t that thoughtful? It is unlike some jacks that extend fully with just around five pumps resulting in fatigue and muscle aches.

Along with the simple lift system are the aluminum alloys rollers and casters to ease the mobility around your workshop. It’s pleasing that it carries two side handles that you use to pull it around. It also swivels easily to the position you want thanks to the ball bearing on the rollers.

Key features


  • Materials: Aluminum 
  • Weight Capacity: 3 Ton (6000 pounds)
  • Height Capacity: 4.5" to 19.25"
  • Security Features: Bypass and Overload Valves to Prevent Overextension or Use Beyond Capacity
  • Product Weight: 58 Lbs
  • Jack Dimensions: 31.7 x 14.5 x 7 inches

Our Rating

Among some of the things, you’ll love about this device, is the control it provides when lifting your load. It lets your car rest on a rubber padded saddle which prevents damage to the underside of the vehicle. You’ll notice that with time, only the seat wears off instead of being left with cars to repaint if it ever scraped off the underside of the automobiles.

Even with the subtle weight, it manages to prop up 3 tons of car weight and remains pretty rigid after many uses. The long frame is also essential in allowing you to get a smooth action when moving it from one position to another.

The frame of this jack is small such that it fits into narrow spaces when it’s fully collapsed. It stores compactly just about anywhere there’s around 30 inches of clearance.

Straightforward Assembly

Most of us hate the installment stage of all our devices. Some jacks are riddled with a series of parts, but that’s not the case with the 2203. It comes in basically three pieces, which include the jack body and a two-piece handle. You can be sure to get it working in no time. Plus it has well-written instructions, so you won’t be fumbling with what goes where.

After snapping the handles together, you’ll need to lock them into the jack body. To secure it, you just rotate the body till you feel a sure click. This way, it’s ready to start working right away. But first things first; it is always recommended to bleed the unit after using it the first time.

It should provide for long-lasting usage since after removing the air, it is not subject to sudden failure or inability to lift the full weight capacity. Fortunately, with this device, it’s pretty simple.

Value for The Money

To get a high-quality floor jack, you’ll need to dig deeper into your pocket. But we are pleased to find that the Nesco 2203 comes at an attractive price. This is because it sells on big online stores like Amazon. We always urge you to get equipment from renowned stores to avoid hassles with returns and repair. Plus you’ll get a device whose price is not exaggerated.

Nesco Tools 2203 Product Review

It’s pleasing that this tool is bound to last a long time owing to the excellent construction including the overload bypass valve which opens and releases extra pressure. The hydraulic ram will always stay intact since the bypass valve also avoids its over-extension. It helps you work without worry that it would come apart and cause injury.

What We Like

  • Low-profile design allows lifts for different type of cars
  • It has a high lift capacity up to 19¼ inches
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Subtle weight enables use both at home and workshop due to ease of portability
  • Dual plunger lifting mechanism
  • Easy to assemble without tools
  • Rubber saddle prevents damage to underside of vehicles

What We Don't Like

  • It is a bit expensive but offers lifetime value
  • The saddle wears after several uses and will need replacing over time


The Nesco Company is US based. It has a reputation for making the best mechanical tools in the automotive industry for over four decades. Although most of their products are made in the USA, the 2203 is China assembled. But this is not necessarily a bad thing since it passes all the quality tests. From the aluminum make to the lift system, and tool-less assembly process, this jack is very reliable. The value is incredible. It should take years of abuse and remain looking as good as new.

Our Rating