Neiko Pro 20272B 3 Ton Floor Jack Review

neiko pro 3 ton floor jack review

Neiko Pro 20272B Premium Low Profile Aluminum Floor Jack is an excellent 3-ton floor jack. It has a compact design with 29.13 x 13 x 6.69 inches of dimensions. This floor jack has an impressive lift capacity of 3 tons. It has an attractive design and a strong body. To make you fully aware of its great features, and also the shortcomings, we are going to present our Neiko 3 ton floor jack review below.

Neiko Pro 3 Ton Floor Jack Overview

3.9 customer review

Why You Need The Neiko Pro 3 Ton Floor Jack:

  • Constructed with heavy duty industrial-grade aluminum
  • 3 Ton lifting capacity
  • Minimum lifting height of 3-3/4″ & maximum height of 19-1/4″
  • Safety valve to prevent overloading
  • Rubber dotted saddle pad protects your vehicle
  • Low profile to get beneath any vehicle
  • Weighs only 57 pounds so it is easy to transport


Neiko 3 Ton Floor Jack Review

neiko pro 3 ton floor jack reviewThe Neiko Pro 20272B Premium Low Profile Aluminum Floor Jack is both lightweight and durable. It provides quick and efficient lifting from 3.75 inches to 19.25 inches. It has a safety valve that prevents overloading over and above its rated capacity. It has a saddle pad made with dotted rubber that prevents dents and scratches on the vehicle. The padded area comes in contact with your vehicle and gently lifts it so that there is no scratch on the body of your vehicle.

Neiko Pro 20272B Premium Low Profile Aluminum Floor Jack is an excellent tool for your automotive. With this in your kit, you can easily and safely rotate your vehicle’s tires, check and fine-tune brakes, and do many other things. It is well-designed, well-made, and fairly lightweight. But the best part of this tool is that it does the job and does it well. It pumps well and smoothly. It is lightweight, but it’s no slouch. It’s lightweight in comparison to jacks made with stamped steel. The casters roll very efficiently.

Neiko 3 Ton Floor Jack Benefits

  • Easy Positioning:

    For better and easier positioning, this floor jack is equipped with swivel rear casters. It helps in moving it around for perfect positioning.

  • Easy to Carry:

    It has double handles on the sides for easy carriage.

  • Constructed with Aluminum:

    It is made with aluminum alloy that conforms to industrial-grade in terms of strength and durability. Since it is made mostly of aluminum, you can expect it to be lighter but it’s not all that light and slouchy either. It has a brilliant look and operation.

  • Good Lifting Range:

    If you need a car jack that can fit under an SUV, sedan, or sports car with 5-inch clearance, you can safely bet on Neiko Pro. It can lift your car enough high that a mechanic can easily get inside and do the repairs. At the maximum 19-inch lift, this jack has a fairly large range.

  • Safety Features:

    The Neiko Pro floor jack has a pressure bypass safety valve that does not allow the load to go beyond the rated capacity.

  • Easy to Lift:

    You may not need even 6 pumps to get it fully extended. It is a floor jack that makes it very easy to lift your vehicle. It can lift the car from the front as well as the sides and the rear. For any kind of repair or tire replacement job, this floor jack is your perfect tool.

Neiko Pro 3 Ton Floor Jack Best Price


Neiko 3 Ton Floor Jack Product Features:

  • Lightweight design
  • Made of aluminum alloy conforming to industrial grade
  • 3 tons of lift capacity
  • Weighs 57 pounds
  • Dual plunger structure
  • Heavy-duty performance
  • Durable construction
  • Great for home garage use
  • Max height: 19-1/4″
  • Min height: 3-3/4″
  • Dual pump design
  • Smooth, efficient maneuverability



Neiko Pro Floor Jack Pros

  • Well-designed, lightweight, durable, with swivel casters.
  • Safety valve to prevent overloading over and above rated capacity.
  • Made of aluminum conforming to industrial-grade quality and strength.
  • Good for SUVs, sedans, and sports cars.

Neiko Pro Floor Jack Cons

  • The relaase valve may appear to be too sensitive.
  • Needs the practice to let the car come down slowly.
  • The support pad may appear to be too big for cars having smaller jack areas.

Final Verdict

So, should you invest in the Neiko 3 Ton Floor Jack?


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Are Neiko Floor Jacks Good?

Our Neiko 3 ton floor jack review finds that Neiko Pro 20272B Premium Low Profile Aluminum Floor Jack is an excellent piece of tools that you must keep in your tools kit. It can help you with numerous auto repair works including tire changes and brake checks. It’s made with top-grade aluminum alloy and is strong and durable. We recommend this product to anyone who is interested in this kind of product.

Do You Recommend the Neiko 3 Ton Floor Jack?

This floor jack is an ideal tool for auto repair works and tire changes. It can come in handy for repairing and tire changes at shops and garages as well as roadside emergencies. This will work for all kinds of cars including SUVs and sedans. You can keep it in your car or at your garage for doing automotive repairs on your own. Its maximum lifting capacity is 3 tons.