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Why Get a Motorcycle Scissor Lift?

It’s likely if you own a motorcycle you take exceptionally good care of it. Although that will include taking it to a trusted garage or workshop for a tune-up and service, you probably take great delight in doing some maintenance yourself. To do this more effectively yourself, you need the right tools and equipment and one apparatus you should have at the very least is motorcycle scissor jacks.

How to Choose a Motorcycle Scissor Jack

If you’ve ever run a quick search for motorcycle scissor jacks in Google, you’ll find there is a considerable number of models to choose from. To help you whittle your options down and find the best of what’s available, we’ve put together a brief but handy buying guide covering all the important factors you need to consider when making your choice.

Motorcycle Lift Build Quality

If you want to spend your money well and purchase a tool that will last you for a long time, then you need to be keenly aware of the build quality of the motorcycle scissor jacks you look at. Has it been made with heavy-duty materials favored for their robustness and durability? Higher quality and stronger materials will mean it is a heavier and bulkier model. It will all depend on what is of greater importance to you – a lightweight, but not as high-quality a jack or a heavy and bulky model that will stand the test of time and numerous uses.

Motorcycle Scissor Jack Weight Capacity

Scissor jacks are not widely considered to always be the best option for lifting heavier loads. One thing they are known for, whether it’s actual motorcycle scissor jacks as we’ve been discussing, or scissor jacks in general, it’s for lifting motorcycles easily and safely. That doesn’t mean all motorcycle scissor jacks will be suitable for all motorcycles.

Therefore, on any motorcycle jacks listing you will find the weight capacity. Make sure the model you choose can handle the weight of your bike before you order.

Motorcycle Jack Ease of Use

The last thing you want to do at the weekend when you are tinkering with your bike is to get into a fight with the motorcycle jack. You need to choose one easy enough for you to use, without stressing you out. Look for information on how it is cranked to lift the bike up, what attachments are used, and if it comes as a pre-assembled unit.

In Summary

If you have a motorcycle and you want to work on it yourself, you absolutely need a high-quality motorcycle scissor jack. Without it, you will risk your safety and have a difficult time performing any work on your bike. Brands like Extreme Max, ZENY, Liftmaster, Black Widow, and K&L make some of the top options available on the market.