Best Motorcycle Lift Tables [Buying Guide]

It’s so empowering when manufacturers supply the correct tools.

With the right gear, you can handle work at home that usually has to be outsourced to professionals.

If you know you have enough knowledge to handle mechanical work on your bike—or if you’re outfitting your own shop—you’ll love this review.

Motorcycle lift tables enable you to work more efficiently on bikes.

With the bike elevated and strapped into place you have more maneuverability and safety.

Let’s discuss what you should look for when picking yours from the best motorcycle lift tables of 2017.

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Buying Guide

When you’re trying to figure out which item to purchase look at these characteristics. Match these to your requirements and you’ll make an investment for life.

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Best Motorcycle Lift Tables 

Roughneck Motorcycle Lift

Black Widow Essential

Titan Ramps 1,000 lb Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table

How Does A Motorcycle Lift Table Work?

Make sure the mechanics are user friendly. You don’t want to struggle lifting or lowering the work surface.

It’s ideal if you can handle it with the power of your leg muscles via foot switches.

Look at methods to get the motorcycle on the lift. If you don’t have people to help you place it onto the lift is there an easy alternative?

 How Big Is It?

Its size plays a role in various aspects of your work:

  • check

    Will you be able to fit it in your garage with enough space left over so you can maneuver around it?

  • check

    Is it large enough to handle the type of motorcycles you service?

Safety Features

When you’re working with large equipment safety is vital. You can’t take chances of items falling or breaking.

This is why you must ensure the necessary precautions can be taken:

  • check

    Can you fasten the motorcycle well so it doesn’t move while you work?

  • checkIs the unit strong enough to handle the weight of your bike?

Now let’s look at your options.

Top Rated Motorcycle Lift Tables

Roughneck Motorcycle Lift – 1000lb Capacity


The Roughneck Motorcycle Lift is a nifty unit that will fit in most garages. When collapsed you should easily find space for it.

Once it’s set up you’ll love how easy it is to use as you can use your feet to manage the handles.

It caters for a variety of motorcycle sizes as you can clamp up to 7” wide tires in the stop mechanism. There’s further security so you can work at ease:

  • plusA leg lock.
  • plusLocking bolt.
  • plusTwo eye rings you can use to tie down your motorcycle.
  • plusTwo locking positions so you can use the settings that are most appropriate for the motorcycle. This is a mechanical system and you can trust the strong parts used in this setup.

This means your motorcycle won’t be able to move which ensures your safety.

The platform size is 86”x26”. What else is interesting about this product?


  • checkTakes only 20 seconds to rise into position.
  • checkStrong hydraulic pump to lift motorcycle into a comfortable height you can work at.
  • checkCan rise up to 30”.
  • checkWheel vice is included.


  • closeMany sharp edges that can cause injuries.
  • closeOnly handles up to 1000lb.
  • closePainted surface tends to be slippery after liquid spills.
  • closeNo straps included for tying down bikes.


Is this unit large enough for your requirements? You’ll love the strong hydraulic features.

If you don’t take on fixing huge motorcycles this may be the lift you need.

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Black Widow Essential Motorcycle Shop Kit 


Black Widow makes servicing your motorcycle very easy.

This shop kit contains almost everything the professional mechanics have. You can now work just as effectively as they do.

Apart from the motorcycle lift you get:

  • plus

    A BD-SEAT mechanical stool. You can sit comfortably at the height you prefer so you can work for hours on end.

  • plusA work light. This is rechargeable and enables you to keep on working after hours.
  • plus​​​​​A tie down kit with ratchet straps and soft loops.

The lift itself offers various features that will make your work safe and effective:

  • plusA BW-WB-03 wheel balancer
  • plus

    Tire bead breaker

  • plusThis unit can handle up to 1000lb thanks to the BW 550 hydraulic system.


  • checkCar charger for portable light is included.
  • check17” platform feature means you can lift both tires of a motorcycle off the ground.
  • checkThanks to a drop out panel you can gain access to the wheels even while the motorcycle is strapped in place.
  • checkCan handle tires up to 10” wide.


  • closeNo side extensions that are beneficial in working with large bikes.
  • closeNot the best quality item as some parts tend to bend.
  • closeList Element


This product is slightly larger than some other models on the market.

If you want to prevent the frustration of not being able to fully support large motorcycles it may be prudent to invest in this larger—and slightly more expensive—shop kit.

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Titan Ramps 1,000 lb Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift 


The Titan Ramps Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift is all about making it easy for users to work on their motorcycles.

Your motorcycle can easily be raised onto the platform thanks to the drop panel installed on the unit.

You use a system with two pedals to manage all the movements.

This system allows you to adjust the height even while you’re busy working on the motorcycle.

Simply pump one pedal or release the other. In time, you’ll get used to it for smooth movements.

The dimensions are 81”x21” and it can handle up to 1000lb.

Your workspace can be practical as well as safe. This lift comes with:

  • plusStop plate.​​​​​​​​​
  • plusTie down straps.
  • plusSafety bar which can be removed when you start working on the bike.


  • checkEasy and fast assembly.
  • checkStrong structure thanks to 11 gauge steel used.
  • checkSlipping is prevented by the diamond design on the surface.


  • closeMore expensive than some models.
  • closeThe red finish will easily show dirt and oil.


With this model, you can easily get your motorcycle into place to work on.

It also showcases every type of quality material so you know it will serve you well. If you’re serious about motorcycles this is the product for you.

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For the trained bike aficionado, the Titan Ramp is ideal.

If, however you’re only starting out you may want to invest in the entire Black Widow Kit.

Both showcase high quality materials so you know you’ll be safe and you’ll have years of enjoyment fixing your bikes using these products.

Not sure you want to buy? Check out how to build your own motorcycle lift table below: