Milwaukee Impact Wrench Review

The Milwaukee impact wrench is a top choice when it comes to impact wrenches because it comes with a red lithium battery that can be used twice as long as its similar batteries.

It also has brush motors that will provide the power that you need without the risk of motor overheating.

Impact wrenches known as an impactor, is designed to deliver high-quality output with minimum extension by the user, Impact wrench is used in many industries around the world for heavy equipment maintenance, automotive repair product assembly and construction projects.

It is available in different standards socket wrench driven size

An impact wrench is used to loosed and fasten nuts, bolts, and similar fixings. In factories, building sites, workshops and at homes, an impact wrench is an invaluable tool.

There is a combination of two elements to make an impact wrench useful that is torque and hammer action.

Milwaukee Impact wrench is the tools that help the users to get the job to be done faster and be productive in their work.

It has a removable mode that gives the user more control when removing the bolt or rusted bolt.

The impact wrench is used for loosening lug nuts from trucks and cars or any high torque situation.

An Impact wrench is a useful tool at home mechanic, it simplify removal of rust bolts that refuses to shift, or removed out, It helps to prevent any skinned, tantrums and wrenches, bleeding knuckles risks that may occur using manual tools. Milwaukee Impact wrench is a great tool fastens and easy your work. (click here to check out our top choices for torque wrench)



  • plus21700 lithium-ion cells.
  • plusCharger time 2hrs 10 min.
  • plus12Ah and 6 Ah packs are available.
  • plus12Ah pack deliveries a 216-watt-hour.
  • plus5.0Ah battery capacity.

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    Among the best features of Milwaukee, 2767-22 tool is that it offers maximum productivity. This is because it is able to eliminate high torque as well as stubborn up to two times faster than the other tools of its kind.

    Another vital feature of this tool is that it has excellent compact cordless high torque.

    This top torque impact wrench of this particular class is estimated to have 8.39 inches of length. This differentiates it from its rivals in the market.

    Of the varieties of DIS tools of this kind in the market, Milwaukee 2767-22, is leading in ultimate control feature.

    This tool has a four-mode drive control, as well as a bolt removal mode as a unique feature.

    Most of the impact wrench tools on the market usually suffer the issue of overheating and overloading.

    This is because of the old technology used in creating the tools.

    Milwaukee 2767-20 M18 Fuel High Torque 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench with Friction Ring

    But with this tool from Milwaukee is designed with REDLINK plus intelligence, which will prevent damages to the battery and device.

    With impact wrench tools the kind of batteries used matter a lot for the efficiency of the device. If the wrong cells are used the tool won’t be efficient at completing works.

    This is why Milwaukee wrench tools come with REDLITHIUM type of batteries. These batteries can deliver more work per charge; it also gives more work done over the life of the cell.

    Another great feature about this wrench tools is the kind of friction ring.

    The type of rings used in the Milwaukee wrench tools has a friction ring design. This design enables easy and quick socket changes when working with it.

    Has LED light which helps to illuminate the working area. Unlike other wrench tools in the market, the Milwaukee wrench tool has this unique feature.

    This will enable one to use it at any time and an environment without issues.

    Lastly, the Milwaukee wrench tool is equipped with a premium over mold rubber. This rubber enables the device to withstand corrosive materials while doing its job.

    Not only that, but this feature will provide comfort to the user of the device.

    These are some of the great features of the Milwaukee 2767-22 wrench tools. These features make it stand out most of the wrench tools in the market today.

    Along with these features, the device by itself is very portable. This enables the user to quickly move it and use it with no effort at all.

    In comparison to the features that make this tool extra efficient and unique in the market, the price of the device genuinely affordable. Anyone in need of this kind of tool can afford it without a doubt.


    Milwaukee 2767-20 M18 Fuel High Torque 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench with Friction Ring

    Power- It has an incredible amount of energy right on your hands. As it is easily removed rusted bolts without using a lot of personal power because of the tool itself can make the work easy.

    Speed-It has a speed that brings maximum productivity. Tightening or losing bolts, it will be faster with Milwaukee impact wrench than using other tools, and you could not be able to tight or loosen many more pins.

    Mobility –its mobility is higher as it has regular batteries.

    Maintenance and charging– Milwaukee impact wrench is easily maintained, the tool is robust by nature, and it is locked up in their housings leading hardship to get depth maintenances.

    Good Value –It has balanced power and weight, It turning force is delivered two to three times than other drivers.

    Maximum output-It brings maximum nut-busting torque fastener free.

    Warranty: as it is of quality assurance it gives a warrant for users.


    The universal power source for Impact is compressed air that provides low cost, oil air, gear reduction system, others of hydraulically powered using hydraulic motors.

    There is a different method of attaching the socket to the anvil. Hydraulic Impact provides the advantage of high power to weight ratio.


    Impact wrenches are of different sizes in several styles; It depends on the application of the tool.

    Most of the design gives the user a minimal effort on operating impact wrench and prevents injury of slamming ones knuckles into some part of the equipment.

    Many users prefer Impact wrench with a short length of air hose more than attaching an air fitting directly to the tool. It prevents air fitting from broken off in the base of the machine.


    When using an impact wrench that is not of size or shape for the particular work will course difficulties to the user in his operations.


    As a tool comes with its perfection giving you a more natural way to do your work every tradesperson would accept that cordless impact driver get into the category.

    We tried to squeeze enough in details, specification, warranty, productivity, durability, and ability.

    Technology has allowed the manufactures to push the limit of what to offer from Milwaukee tools. It designed cordless tool for keeping up with corded models.

    Due to the different size, shape one should take into consideration.

    Milwaukee impact wrench due to its differences in size and shape you should buy one for the right use and purposes, It will help you to come with the best impact wanted.

    Wrap Up

    Milwaukee impact wrench has been recognized to be an essential tool for mechanical, workshop one at home use, and for automotive projects.

    It will bring you quickly into transition since there is no loss of power, it is easier to jump into Milwaukee impact wrench due to its ability and features.

    The increase of productivity, person to be injured, time-saving is among factor that you should consider one to have  Milwaukee Impact wrench as it is the best tool.

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