Milestone Tools Powerzone 380034 2 Ton Jack Combo Review

Milestone Tools Powerzone 2 Ton Floor Jack and Jack Stand Pair Review

Are you looking for one of the best floor jacks? Do you want a jack stand combo to go along with your car jack to maximize the benefits? If yes, you can have a look at the following review for the Milestone Tools Powerzone 380034, which is a safe and sturdy jack. It stands out in the crowd due to some of its unique features.

Milestone Tools Powerzone 2 Ton Floor Jack & Jack Stand Combo Review

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Why You Need The Milestone Tools Floor Jack & Jack Stand Combo:

  • 2 ton jack stand lifting capacity
  • Jack stand has a minimum lifting height of 10-3/8″ & maximum height of 16-3/8″
  • 2 ton floor jack lifting capacity
  • Floor jack has a minimum lifting height of 5-1/4″ & maximum height of 13″
  • Safety valve to prevent overloading
  • Heavy duty steel frame with locking bar
  • Easy to change position when you lift or lower vehicles


Milestone Tools Powerzone 2 Ton Floor Jack and Jack Stand Pair

milestone tools powerzone 2 ton floor jack jack stand comboThe Milestone Tools 2 Ton Jack Stand Floor Jack Combo is well equipped to enable you to access all the parts of your vehicle easily. The product features a safety valve to prevent a dangerous situation due to overloading. The equipment is designed to become the first choice for all those who want an easy to use and safe jack. You should be able to lift your car without having to worry about the security of the floor jack.

The lifting will be easy and safe. With this equipment, you can easily lift a large vehicle. You can expect many advanced and safety features to ensure better efficiency. If you are interested to know more about the Milestone Tools Powerzone 380034, you can learn even more here. It will answer all your queries related to the Milestone Tools 2 Ton Jack Stand Floor Jack Combo. After going through the following review, you can decide with a well-informed mind and can make the most out of your investment.

Benefits of the Milestone Floor Jack Stand Combo

When it comes to the benefits, you can expect an all-in-one solution to lift your vehicle. You can lift your vehicle and adjust it in multiple positions. Also, the combo is well-equipped to ensure safe lifting and prevent any unpredictable situation due to overloading.

We listed some of the benefits you can expect when you use the Milestone Tools Powerzone Floor Jack and the Milestone Tools Powerzone Jack Stand Pair.

  • Floor Jack and Jack Stands Provide Strong Support:

    The Milestone Tools 2 Ton Jack Combo is built to be durable and safe when lifting most vehicles. They can be a great option even to lift a vehicle. There two support jacks that will keep the things in place. With this package, you will receive a 2 ton capacity floor jack. Also, there is a pair of 2 ton capacity jack stands. All these tools together can be a perfect solution for all those who want to access all the parts of their vehicle easily without any additional help.

  • Safety with Overload Prevention:

    As mentioned earlier, it features a safety valve that will prevent overloading. It will ensure better safety since users cannot load more than the rated capacity.

  • Rear Wheels Swivel:

    There is a rear wheels swivel that will offer easy positioning. That can be helpful if you need to shift the floor jack at all while using it.

  • Durable and Secure:

    These stands are well made to offer a durable result. The frames are made of heavy-duty steel. Another noteworthy feature is the ratcheting style locking bar. The bar can help in height adjustment and multi positioning.

  • Heavy Duty Steel:

    The jack is made of heavy-duty steel that will make the end product strong and super durable. As stated by users, they can use this jack to lift even heavy vehicles but no trucks. They find it comparable to its competitors since they can lift easily and adjust multi positioning without any difficulty.

  • 2 Ton Capacity Floor Jack and 2 Ton Capacity Jack Stands:

    2 tons capacity makes it a great option for almost all types of vehicles.

Milestone Tools 2 Ton Jack Combo Best Price


Product Features:

  • A combo set to ensure easy lifting without any additional help
  • Two tons of capacity floor jack
  • One pair of heavy-duty two tons jack stands
  • Real wheels swivel to ensure easy positioning
  • A safety valve to prevent overloading
  • Stands made of heavy-duty steel to offer a lasting result
  • Ratchet style locking bar for multi-positioning height adjustment

Product Specifications:

  • Item weight: 31 pounds
  • Dimension: 30 x 9.2 x 6.9 inches
  • Lift range of jack: 5-1/4 inch to 13 inch
  • Lift range of jack stands: 10-3/8 inch to 16-3/8 inches
  • Model Number: 380034Manufacturer
  • Part Number: 380034



Final Verdict

So, should you invest in the Milestone 2-ton floor jack and jack stand combo?


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Now you are armed with all the required information. You are aware of the lift capacity of the Milestone Tools Powerzone 380034. You know the material and safety features as well. Take all these things into account to know this jack is worth considering or not. You can go with this product if you are looking for advanced safety features, a sturdy jack, and a durable result.