Are Metal Car Ramps Better Than Plastic Car Ramps?

white car on metal ramp

Car ramps can be defined as equipment that gives out a method automobile rising from the ground to enhance access to the undercarriage.

They are used for lifting up cars so that you can have an opportunity to carry out various works underneath your car.

Car Ramps offer an ideal solution compared to other devices because they are more stable than car jacks.

These car ramps can be made using different materials such as:

  • Plastics
  • Aluminum
  • Metals
  • Carbon Steel


These are car ramps that are made up of plastics, but it acquires the same use of automobile raising and undercarriage services.


Yellow car going on car ramp

These are equipment that is made out of metal for the same purpose of automobile raising and undercarriage services.

There is a different kind of metal camps, due to the fact of the weight of the vehicle, low or high clearance vehicle or cars with low profile there are differences on car ramps made.

Car ramps used when there are any uplifting services is required for the vehicle.

Features of Metal car ramps

  • They are Durable.
  • Have a high convenient to use.
  • Affordability.
  • They have simple designs.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Can be used with vehicles wagons, hand trucks, carts r anything else with wheels.
  • Mounting holes on both sides of the ramps which allows you to bolt units together to make one double ramp.

It is better to buy Metal car ramps than Plastic due to the following factors:

  • Metal car ramps cost less  than other ramps made up from other material such as aluminum, plastics or carbon steel.
  • There is the availability of the raw materials for metal ramps which lead to affordability.
  • Metal car ramps are durable compared to Plastic car ramps.
  • In consideration of load vehicle, Metal car ramps are safer.
  • Due to simple design metal car ramps are easy to use.

The advantage of using metal car ramps

Car lifted with red hydraulic floor jack for repairing

The main advantage is convenience When you drag a jack out, find lifter bar and then having to lift it back later is tiresome and time-consuming when using a jack considering the jack’s weight.

Pulling the car into ramps is much convenient and even faster.

When you use the car ramps just once you will always want to use them. Ramps help your vehicle rest safely on them with no chance of slipping off.

The only challenge is having to drive your car on the car ramp because it requires a kind of precise driving.

Unfortunately, there is no way to adjust anything that needs you moving your wheels; this means you can’t rotate your tires, bleed your brakes or change the breaks or brake pads.

There is also no height adjustment like it is with the jack stands


There are varieties of factors that lead to Buy or Rent a metal car ramp

As there are some advantages of Metal car ramps, it is essential to buy one for the maintenance of your vehicle to ensure it is in excellent condition.


  • Buy the right ramp for your car.
  • Make sure it will accommodate your car.
  • Look to its capacity.
  • Weigh limit – Choose ramp related to the car to weigh, profile and tires.
  • Suitable for car ground clearance.
  • Look to its affordability.
  • The material used.
  • Warranty offered.
  • What is the specification of the ramps.


Car ramps are stable to use than steel jacks; they are safer as well. It will only take you a little practice to drive onto them. You should always place them on a smooth surface. Here are the steps to using car ramps that will guide you.

Parking in starting position

Park your car on a surface that is smooth and sturdy, a non -slip surface and make sure the wheels are facing forwards

Positioning ramps

Take one ramp and then position it with a lower slope facing so that it is centered perfectly with the tire. Check along the sides of the car to make sure the ramp is aligned straightly with the tire as possible.

Drive up on the ramps center

Sit in the car and drive carefully forwards and up on the ramp. Get out of your vehicle and make sure your car’s wheels are on the center of the ramps and the flat area of the ramp, If they are not you will have to reverse and drive back up again or you can put a chock behind the rear wheels so as to prevent the car from rolling backward.

Place two wheels chocks

Place two wheels chocks and place on in front of one of the back wheels. Place the other one behind it. This is safer to ensure that the car doesn’t roll off in any direction.

You can now work on the underside of your car with your car ramps safely.

Metal car ramps safety tips

white car on metal ramp

Make sure you work on a smooth and a sturdy surface that is not slippery.

Only use car ramps with a higher weight capacity than the car’s curb weight.

Many car ramps are created to work on their own; it is safe using jack stands also. This is regardless of whether you are changing your tires or changing oil and which you might also need them anyway.

Use wheel shocks as your additional safety measure

Make sure your car is sitting on the center of the ramps before working on it.

Tasks you can use your metal car ramps for

Some car owners prefer to use axle stands and jacks when it comes to lifting their car off the ground. Nothing is easy to use and the relative safety of a car that is well built.

Technically when you need underneath your car, you have a better chance of carrying out your task if both wheels are raised on the same level.

The problem of using car jacks is that you may not place them in the correct jacking points in the car’s underside, which may lead to serious damage in the car undercarriage.

Depending on the lift height of the car ramp, you can gain a much wider perspective of what is happening underneath the car.

When you know the clear picture, you will know what action to take. If you use car ramps it correctly and often you will have more room to work with.

The extra space underneath the car will allow you to have freedom of movement that you will never get with an ordinary jack or axle stand.

Metal car ramps are more useful to people who use cars with low ground clearance or those riding cars that would seem as if their cars undersides is scraping the pavement.

Not all car ramps can do a good job when it comes to raising the underside of such cars since everything depends on the steepness of the inline or the approach angle.

Low riding vehicles have a minimum ground clearance that placing a traditional jack can be so challenging.

Driving the wheels up a gently rolling ramp is meant to increase the distance between the vehicle ground and its underside.

If you own a car and you prefer to change the engine himself without taking it to the service center, then you probably need a car ramp.

Tips to help enhance Vehicle ramp safety

  • Inspect the metal ramp before using it, and make sure none of the parts is broken, do not use a broken ramp.
  • Place the ramp on a leveled ground so that the wheels are straight and aim for the center of the ramp
  • If your car is skidding, it means you are moving too fast or too slow. Therefore  have to go back and realign the vehicle and start all over again
  • When your car is safely at the top of the car ramp, you can engage the parking brake, then get out to see if it is at the center of the ramp.
  • It is advisable to place the floor jack stands before going underneath the vehicle to work on it.

There are many car ramps for sale on the market both metal and plastic; If you want to get the best car ramp, there are various things you have to consider.

How to choose the right metal car ramps

You need a car ramp to prop your car up and work on the undercarriage without dragging a heavy jack out while not risking your safety with jack stands.

You can search for metal car ramps from online from various stores at affordable prices.

When buying from online and you have more massive trucks you will have to consider the capacity of the vehicle.

It is worth to buy this product taking at its face value, especially when you are driving heavier SUV or driving truck.

They are quietly heavy, but they also have a substantial benefit that they cannot be moved easily which helps to reduce chances of slippery. They can also hold a huge amount of weight.