K Tool International 3.33 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack Review

k tool international 3.33 ton floor jack review

The 3.33 Ton Low Profile Service Jack from K Tool International is known in the industry to be a real workhorse. Built for tire shops and other places that need powerful and effective automotive tools, it is self-explanatory that this jack can take a beating and do the job for your common automobile needs with no problems. That said, in this K Tool International 3.33 Ton Floor Jack review, we’re going to overview all the great features the jack has to offer along with product details

K Tool International 3.33 Ton Floor Jack Overview

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Why You Need The K Tool International 3.33 Ton Floor Jack:

  • Constructed with heavy duty steel
  • 3.33 Ton lifting capacity
  • Minimum lifting height of 3-3/4″ & maximum height of 21-3/4″
  • Overload valve prevents over-extension of jack
  • Easy to maneuver and position
  • Complies with ASME/PASE 2014 safety standards
  • 50 inch long handle for easy pumping and lifting


K Tool International 3.33 Ton Floor Jack Review

k tool international 3.33 ton floor jackDespite it being very heavy, this truck is extremely dynamic, you can use it to lift all kinds of light-duty trucks, passenger cars, sports cars, heavy cars, low clearance vehicles, etc. The 3.33 Ton capacity along with the low profile model and heavy-steel construction makes possible lifting pretty much any vehicle out there.

The low rod is longer than most jacks, making it easier to choose how much further underneath you wanna place it based on how big the car is. This usually comes hand-in-hand for people who aren’t lovers of lifting from pinch welds. With this jack, you can never worry again about sliding or bad angles as the wide plates at the bottom secure full stability. The wheels are made of great quality and roll very smoothly, making it easier to maneuver considering the weight of this jack. The dual pump power unit is perfect when it comes to heavier cars or trucks, as it doesn’t require much strength or pressure to lift the vehicle, in fact, this jack is one of the easiest to work with.

KTI 3.33 Floor Jack Benefits

  • Side-Profile Design:

    One of the great things about the design of the KTI service jack is the side profile. Since vehicles today are designed to be aerodynamic, which is why they often come very low, meaning the lift point can be a long way back in for traditional jacks.

  • Low-Profile Lifting Capability:

    The profile of this jack is low all the way back to the end of the jack, giving you supreme access under low ground clearance vehicles. The low height of 3.5″ will allow your jack to get underneath pretty much anything, including smaller passenger cars and even some sports cars.

  • High Maximum Lifting Range:

    Perhaps the most appealing part about this jack, it does raise to about 21 inches, with a full lifting range of 3-3/4″ to 21-3/4″, meaning you can get up and change the tires of about any light-duty truck.

  • 8 Pump Strokes to Lift:

    You can raise the saddle to maximum height in just 8 full incremental pump strokes (under no load), without having to worry about strength or resistance as the dual pump piston power unit is there to add for a smooth, easy lifting.

  • Safety and Security:

    The K Tool International 3 Ton Floor Jack is an extremely safe tool to use. It was designed around to comply with the ASE/PASE 2014 Safety standards and built to work through 1.5×3.33 tons or over 5 tons of capacity in total. The floor jack features a built-in valve system to prevent over-extension of hydraulic ram and jack use beyond capacity limits.

  • Stable and Sturdy Lifting:

    It features wide and strong casters, and a two-piece 50.2″ handle for excellent force and traction. It also got a buffer pad for the handle to allow you to protect yourself in case the hand gets pushed up against the vehicle.

K Tool International 3.33 Ton Floor Jack Best Price


K Tool International 3.33 Ton Floor Jack Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: K Tool International
  • Model: Low Profile 3.33 Ton Capacity
  • Item Weight: 44.9 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 28.33 x 14 x 6.5 inches
  • Item Model Number: KTI63133A
  • Chassis Length: 28-1/3″
  • Chassis Height: 6-1/2″
  • Saddle Diameter: 4.7/10″
  • Overall Width: 14″



Final Verdict

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Are K Tool International Floor Jacks Good?

Overall, the KTI 3.33 Ton Service Jack is one of the best products in the market and if you have this piece in your shop. You won’t have to worry about lifting your cars ever again, no matter how big, low, or heavy it is. This jack is strong, durable, stable, dynamic and most importantly, it does its job perfectly.