JEGS 80077 3 Ton Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack Review

jegs 3 ton floor jack review

Are you looking for a quality and durable floor jack? Do you want advanced features without hurting your budget? You can consider buying JEGS 80077 3 Ton Low Profile Aluminum Floor Jack. It is quality made and designed to offer a durable result. Also, it is well-equipped and focuses more on enhanced safety to become the first choice for beginners. We have our complete review below for the JEGS 3 ton car jack.

JEGS 3 Ton Floor Jack Review

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Why You Need The JEGS 3 Ton Floor Jack:

  • High-quality construction with aluminum, yet lightweight at 58 pounds
  • Low-profile with a minimum saddle height of 3-1/2″
  • Easy hydraulic lifting with maximum height of 15-3/4″
  • 360 degree rotating saddle with wide track wheels
  • 3 ton lifting capacity with bypass valves and overload valves to prevent overload


JEGS 3 Ton Floor Jack

JEGS 80077 3 Ton Professional Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack ReviewThe JEGS 80077 3 ton car jack is designed as a low profile floor jack to enable users to access all the parts of their vehicle comfortably. The saddle of the jack can rotate in all directions. The saddle will hook on to the vehicle’s chassis from all angles. The handle is coated that will prevent slipping. It will also prevent any kind of damage during lifting. The jack is lightweight and portable as well.

Safe and Sturdy Floor Jack

This 3-ton floor jack by JEGS is equipped with bypass valves to prevent any damage due to overloading. The sturdy design, quality material, and wide track wheel will offer easy maneuvering both on the gravel and concrete. It has side handles made of quality material. The material is not prone to corroding or rusting. Therefore, you will not have to apply polish on the jack every time after using it to maintain cleanliness.

When it comes to the material, it is made of lightweight and durable aluminum. Though it is lightweight, the lifting capacity is excellent. It meets all the safety standards to prevent any unpredictable situation. There is a low-profile front roller that will ensure accurate and fast replacement. The rotating rubber saddle will prevent marring or any damage.

Benefits of the JEGS 3 Ton Low Profile Jack

There are plenty of reasons to purchase a JEGS floor jack. We listed some of the top benefits that you will love about this car jack below.

  • Low-Profile Floor Jack:

    With a minimum lifting height of 3-1/2″, it makes it a perfect choice for your low-profile vehicles. You can get beneath almost any vehicle.

  • Protection:

    There is a strong seal to protect the hydraulic system from any unwanted contaminant.

  • Beautiful Lightweight Design:

    This floor jack features an impressive yellow color and a lightweight design. It is very compact and easy to transport in your own vehicle or store in your garage.

  • Easy Maneuvering:

    The wheels and the floor jack can be rotated 360 degrees. In addition, there are saddle handles so you can easily grab and move the car jack without any issues.

  • High-Quality Yet Lightweight:

    It is made with quality aluminum, but it only weighs 58 pounds. Therefore, it is not too difficult to move and transport and it is still durable.

  • Safety and Security:

    The JEGS 3 ton floor jack meets ASME PALD 2014 standards. In addition, it features safety features that prevent overloading. In addition, the rubber lift pad will prevent scrapes and scratches when lifting.

  • JEGS 3 Ton Floor Jack Best Price


    Product Features:

    • The minimum saddle height of this jack is 3-1/2 that makes it a great choice for your low-clearance vehicles.
    • The maximum saddle height is 19-1/4 that will offer enough working room.
    • Made of lightweight and durable aluminum.
    • Capacity is exceptional to lift a wide variety of vehicles.
    • Meets all the safety standards to make lifting easy, fast, and safe.
    • A low-profile front roller will help with accurate and quick placement.
    • Rotating rubber saddle to prevent marring.
    • The saddle is designed to rotate from all angles.
    • The saddle will rotate 360 degrees while using a rubber lifting pad.
    • Dual side handles to ensure easy positioning and maneuvering.

    Product Specifications:

    • Lift range of the jack: 3.5 to 19.25 inches
    • Hydraulic Lift: of the jack: 15-3/4″
    • Overload & bypass valves
    • Lifting Capacity of the jack: 6,000lbs
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Chassis Width: 12″
    • Chassis Length: 26-1/2″
    • Lifting Pad: 4-9/16″
    • Weight: 58lbs
    • Dimensions: 32 x 15 x 8 inches



    Final Verdict

    So, should you invest in the JEGS 3 Ton Floor Jack?


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    Are JEGS Floor Jacks Good?

    The JEGS three-ton jack is well-equipped. It comes with many advanced features to ensure the utmost safety during lifting. It is made of heavy-duty aluminum that offers a durable result. You can use this floor jack to lift your heavy vehicles. The padded saddle will prevent any scratch or damage while lifting your vehicle. The set up is easy. Beginners can use it comfortably and safely without any additional help. JEGS 80077 is affordable and can fit your budget as well.

    Why Should I Get a JEGS 3 Ton Floor Jack?

    The handles of this floor jack are coated. The coating prevents any scratching and ensures a comfortable and easy operation. It is capable enough to lift different types of vehicles. You can use it for a lower profile car as well as for your larger SUV. There are wide track wheels to offer easy maneuverability. The saddles are well made to ensure a smooth operation. Also, it is lightweight. It weighs only 58 pounds, and that makes it a great option for transportation.