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Milestone Tools Powerzone 380046 3 Ton Jack Combo Set Review

Milestone Tools Powerzone 380046 3 Ton Garage Combo Set - 6 Piece

If you are interested in the Milestone Tools Powerzone 380046 3 ton floor jack, 3 ton jack stand pair, folding creeper, and tire chocks, you need this review! Don’t purchase a floor jack, jack stands, folding creeper, and tire chocks separately. Instead, take the convenient route and purchase a garage jack combo set so you […]

The 5 Best Jack Stands for 2020

Black jack stands

You can’t predict when you’ll get a puncture in your tire. Therefore, you always need a jack stand in the car that you’re traveling in. What is ideal about jack stands is that they are compact and can be stored easily. You need a jack stand that is safe to use and can lift the […]

Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands Review

The Torin Big Red Double Locking Steel Jack Stands: 6 Ton Capacity, 1 Pair is a high quality, locking steel jack stand made from high-grade steel. These tools are essential for repairs and above all, they must be safe and dependable. When one has to get under their vehicle for maintenance or changing tires, safety is […]