Electric Scissor Jacks & Electric Scissor Lifts

electric scissor jacks lifts

Why Get An Electric Scissor Jack?

At one point in time, you will always get caught up with unexpected emergencies such as flat tires. If you are not well prepared, you may get yourself stranded for hours and this can be frustrating. It is therefore advised that before you hit the road, you should equip yourself with an electric scissor jack, just to help you change the tires or lift a heavy load when the need arises. An electric scissor jack is among the most effective and reliable mechanical lifting devices.

How to Choose an Electric Scissor Jack

Usually, the electric scissor jacks are powered by 12 volts electricity that is often supplied either directly from the car’s cigarette lighter receptacle or any other available source. It uses this electrical energy to raise or lower heavy objects of between 2 to 20 tones automatically. However, it is important to note that these electric scissor jack can also be operated manually. While in use, the scissor jacks place the weight in its center while extending its arms to lift the weight. When extended, the resulting shape can either be a triangular or diamond-like shape.

Benefits of Electric Scissor Jacks

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to electric scissor jacks. They are easy to use, much easier to lift vehicles, efficient, durable, and reliable.


One reason to use the electric scissor jack is that they are efficient. They can help you lift your car in a matter of minutes. When rightfully placed underneath your vehicle, you’ll always be assured of efficient lifting.

Complete Scissor Jack Kits

Additionally, they are easy to use and comes with a kit that includes a wrench, wires, binders as well as a pump. The whole jack kit isn’t heavy as compared to other lifting tools. This, therefore, makes it highly portable. Plus, it requires little space hence can be stored in your vehicle without much trouble.


The other thing I can’t forget to mention about the electric scissor jack is their durability. They are made of strong and sturdy materials that resists tear and wear. This makes them provide you with quality service for a longer period. As a bonus, these devices can be controlled with the remote control.

In Summary

When you are choosing a scissor jack, consider an electric scissor jack the next time you purchase one. They can oftentimes lift more weight, they are much easier to use, and you can lift your vehicle quicker.