Craftsman 9-50139 3 Ton Service Floor Jack Review

craftsman 3 ton floor jack review

If you are looking for a high-quality and top-rated floor jack, you should consider the Craftsman 3 Ton Service Jack. Craftsman comes with some easy-to-use and advanced safety features to stand out in the crowd. It is easy to operate for beginners. It can enable you to do most of your basic jobs without any additional help. The jack is made of steel and features an easy-to-operate handle. You can read our complete review below.

Craftsman 3 Ton Floor Jack Review

4.5 customer review

Why You Need The Craftsman 3 Ton Service Jack:

  • Easy operation for beginners
  • Strong and durable steel construction
  • Heavyweight with wheels for easy transport
  • Great option for commercial and personal jobs
  • Sturdy with 3 ton lifting capacity
  • Minimum lifting height of 5-1/2″ and maximum lifting height of 19-1/4″
  • 360 degrees turning ability
  • Fast, safe, and smooth lifting ability


Craftsman 3 Ton Floor Jack

craftsman 3 ton service floor jackThe Craftsman 9-50139 floor jack is designed by keeping safety in mind. It comes with some easy to use features to help beginners to lift their vehicles safely and easily without any external help. It can be used for DIY or professional purposes. Once you will have this floor jack, you will never be worried in the middle of your work. The jack can enable you to access all the parts of your vehicle.

Craftsman is known for creating high-quality power tools, power equipment, and more. Therefore, you can expect that the 3 ton Craftsman car jack will be the perfect investment. Not only that, the customer reviews for their products are very high and expert reviews match them as well.

Benefits of the Craftsman Floor Jack

  • Easy to Use Floor Jack:

    The design is basic but it ensures easy usage. The operation will be super easy. Even if you are a beginner, you will feel confident with the first use itself. There is an easy-grip handle to make the operating process smooth and comfortable.

  • High-Quality Steel Construction:

    The steel construction makes it a great choice to handle some of your demanding jobs. The material will give the desired strength to your jack.

  • 3 Ton Lifting Capacity:

    You can use it for up to three tons. The jack is powerful enough to lift up to 6,000 lbs easily.

  • Lift Range:

    When it comes to the lift range, it is between 5-1/2” and 19-1/4″. The Craftsman 3 ton service jack can be a perfect choice for low profile vehicles and heavier ones as well.

  • Smooth Wheels for Transport:

    You will not find transportation challenging since it comes with a decent weight. The smooth-rolling wheels will make it even easier for you.

  • Perfect For Any Automotive Work:

    Craftsman 950139 makes work easy even in complex situations. You can successfully do a repairing job even in an unfavorable weather condition. It can be your best companion to meet all the roadside emergencies. You can use for all DIY works that include tire rotation, fast oil change, and inspection of the suspension and engine. As it is easy lightweight, you can keep it in your vehicle to deal with an emergency. It makes lifting super easy. All the credit goes to its flange reinforced frame, stamped steel, and easy grips.

Craftsman 3 Ton Floor Jack Best Price


Product Features:

  • Craftsman 950139 3 is easy to handle and easy to operate
  • Features easy-grip handles to prevent any accident
  • Made of quality steel construction
  • Quality material makes the end product strong
  • Steel makes the jack durable
  • 360 degree of rotation to achieve the required flexibility
  • Easy to operate handles
  • Compact storage and easy to transport
  • Heavy lifting capacity makes it versatile

Product Specifications:

  • Dimension: 24 x 6 x 30 inches
  • Jack weight: 96.5 pounds
  • Model number: 9-50139
  • Total lift range of jack: 5-1/2″ – 19-1/4″



Final Verdict

So, should you invest in the Craftsman 3 Ton Floor Jack?


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Craftsman 9-50139 3 is designed to become a durable, safe, and powerful jack. It can enable all users to lift their vehicles comfortably in emergencies. Follow the safety instructions carefully to maximize the benefits of jack and prevent anything unpredictable.

Why You Need a Craftsman Floor Jack?

Many vehicle owners prefer to keep a floor jack to deal with an emergency. These jacks are designed to enable you to lift your heavy vehicles safely and fast. However, you should always invest in a quality product to get a durable result. Your focus should be on the advanced safety features to prevent any damage to your vehicle. Also, safety features can make lifting fast without harming you in any manner.

Are Craftsman Floor Jacks High-Quality?

Yes, Craftsman is one of the leaders when it comes to hand tools and power tools. In addition, they make highly rated lawn equipment and air tools. Therefore, you can expect the same quality when it comes to their automotive tools, particularly floor jacks and service jacks. When it comes to the best brands that make floor jacks, Craftsman is near the top of the list.

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