CAT 3 Ton Low Profile Fast Lift Floor Jack Review

cat 3 ton floor jack review

So, you are looking for one of the best floor jacks. You want quality construction and advanced safety features. You want a versatile jack to support all your lifting demands. You can think of buying the CAT 3 Ton Floor Jack. It tops the list since it comes with quality construction, easy lifting, and many advanced safety features to create the best possible solution for vehicle owners. With this jack, you can lift your car conveniently.

CAT 3 Ton Low Profile Fast Lift Floor Jack Overview

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Why You Need The CAT 3 Ton Floor Jack:

  • Constructed to meet or exceed ANSI and PALD standards.
  • 3 Ton lifting capacity.
  • Minimum lifting height of 3″ & maximum height of 19-1/2″.
  • Can lift ultra low profile vehicles and large vehicles as well.
  • Dual-piston quick lift pump that can lift a vehicle in 7 pumps.
  • Heavy-duty flanged steel construction.
  • Foot pump for easy lifting and handle pad for convenience.


CAT 3 Ton Floor Jack Review

CAT 3 240109 Ton Floor Jack ReviewThe CAT 3 Ton Floor Jack is designed to ensure easy and effortless car lifting. Many users have recommended this jack after using it. It is a suitable 3 ton car jack for all types of vehicles.

Why You Need The CAT 3 Ton Floor Jack

The CAT 240109 3 ton car jack is well made to withstand heavyweight. The jack is ultra-strong and can lift heavy vehicles conveniently. Users can get the maximum height of the jack by seven handle pumps. There is also a built-in pump that users can use to raise and position the saddle precisely under the vehicle. All the features are incorporated to ensure easy and safe lifting. We can take the example of the flanged steel frame and the wide wheelbase. Both these features will enable you to lift your heavy vehicles fast and comfortably without encountering any problem.

The jack is versatile and can be a great solution for almost all types of vehicles. Even if it is designed to lift heavy vehicles, you can use it to lift your small sports cars. You can suitably position the jack under your car and lift it without any difficulty. The design of the jack is worth mentioning since it fits a wide range of vehicles.

Benefits of the CAT 3 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack

  • Dual-Piston Quick Lift Pump:

    It has a quick lift design to ensure a fast lifting. Users can get maximum height in only seven pumps.

  • Ultra Low-Profile:

    Low profile design makes it the best fit for vehicles as little as three inches. Built-in pump to get the accurate position under your vehicle.

  • Convenient To Use:

    Built-in parts such as a small parts tray to try to prevent a mess while working and staying organized. Handle pad is there for extra cushion as well.

  • Strong Construction:

    Heavy-duty flanged steel, wide wheelbase, and padded saddle to ensure safe lifting against heavy loads.

  • Safe For You and Your Vehicle:

    Fast and powerful lift without causing any harm to vehicles. Meets ASME and PALD standards for durability, performance, and construction.

  • Lifts All Vehicles Under 3 Tons:

    Versatile and can lift heavy vehicles as well as lighter ones. You can use it to lift your truck and your sports car.

CAT 3 Ton Floor Jack Best Price


CAT 3 Ton Floor Jack Specifications

  • Product Name: Cat 240109 3 Ton Low Profile Fast Lift Floor Jack
  • Jack Weight: 77 pounds
  • Jack Dimensions: 31 x 16 x 6.5 inches
  • Jack Lift Range: 3 inches to 19-1/2 inches
  • Jack Capacity: 3 Tons (6,000 pounds)
  • Lifting Jack: 7 pumps
  • Brand: CAT
  • Manufacturer: All Trade Tools
  • Part Number: 240109



CAT 3 Ton Floor Jack Key Features

  • CAT 3 is super strong and durable. It is well made and quality built. The products meet ANSI and PALD standards for performance, quality construction, and durability.
  • It is designed to be a simple solution to lift all your vehicles. If you have different types of vehicles including sports cars and trucks, you can go with CAT 240109 3 ton jack to find a single solution for all your lifting needs.
  • The versatile floor jack can lift vehicles ranging from 3 inches to 19-1/2 inches.
  • It works fast and more effectively regardless of the type of vehicle you are lifting. It features a dual-piston quick lift pump that can raise an unloaded lift arm to its full height in seven pumps.
  • Made with heavy-duty flanged steel to ensure a durable result. The jack can handle heavyweight. The lifting will be safe and accurate due to its high-quality material and advanced features.
  • For easy positioning, the jack comes with a built-in pump, small parts tray, and handle pad.

Final Verdict

So, should you invest in the CAT 3 Ton Floor Jack?


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Are Cat Floor Jacks Good?

The CAT 3 Ton Floor Jack is one of the best solutions if you are looking for a jack to meet all your lifting needs. It is easy to handle and position. The jack is durable, strong, and versatile. It is made to last long and serve you for a long time. If you are looking for one solution for all your vehicles, you can go with this one. CAT 3 Ton Floor Jack will enable you to access all the parts of a vehicle in an emergency. It can be the best solution both for professionals and car enthusiasts.

Should I Buy the Cat 3 Ton Floor Jack?

If you are interested in this jack and want to gather more information before making a buying decision, we will suggest you go through the review for the CAT 3 Ton Car Jack above. We absolutely recommend it if you need a car jack that has a 6,000-pound lifting capacity. Not only can it lift most vehicles, it will do it quickly, effectively, and safely.