Why Buy American Made Floor Jacks?

For many buyers, the country of origin is one of the most important considerations when buying a floor jack.

People working in the industry have often heard the same question asked again and again, “Is this equipment made in the US?” But why buy American made floor jacks?

Buy American Act and Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)

Automotive jacks made in the USA are known for their high quality. This quality is often seen to be 3x better than any products made in countries like China.

Before products in the US are sent to the market, they are first evaluated under the Buy American Act (BAA) and Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

The Buy American Act (BAA) was passed by the Congress in 1933. This requires those under the US government to prefer products within the country.

Meanwhile, the Federal Acquisition Regulation(FAR) sets principal rules about the acquisition process of goods and services.

It requires products made in the US to have at least 51% US content.

Top American floor jack manufacturers comply with the BAA and FAR. Thus, their floor jacks are often 100% US-made with no material imported from another country.

Design Profile and Construction Materials of American Made Floor Jacks

What happened after the BAA and the FAR were passed? For one, companies and homeowners within the US preferred to buy American-made floor jacks.

This gave the manufacturers the chance to experiment with the equipment’s design profile and improve it.

Secondly, the materials used in the construction of the automotive jacks are from the US.

In one hand, this means that the equipment will be at least three times more expensive than those made in other countries. On another hand, high quality is ensured.

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Quality, Durability, and Longevity of US-Made Floor Jacks

The focus of US Floor Jack companies is in the quality, durability, and longevity of their products.

Most of their floor jacks are completed with specific system and application installments to make the job easier.

Unlike imported floor jacks with at least 25% failure rate, it’s easy to feel secured with American made equipment.

The biggest US brands are proud to perform heavy-duty tasks such as big trucks and farm equipment without breaking or losing their value.

With its high-quality materials, floor jacks made from the US are ensured to be safe. They are engineered to withstand rigorous use in a particular environment.

Top American Manufacturers of Floor Jack 

Though American-made floor jacks have earned a good reputation, it is a fallacy to extend buyer trust in all US jack brands.

You need to be a smart purchaser and separate the brands that deliver high-quality products from the brands that are just exploiting the US brand reputation.

This said, here are the most trusted American manufacturers of floor jacks:


Hein-Werner was originally part of the Marquette and Lincoln Automotive. However, in 2003, they released their own line after joining the Shinn Fu Company of America (SFA) division.

SFA is the leading distributor of lift equipment in Canada and in the US. It is recognized for its service and quality.

All products from Hein-Werner are assembled and manufactured in the US. Thus, they deliver the same trusted design that is exclusive to the tried-and-tested American brand.

What’s more is that they give their customers products with competitive pricing without compromising quality.

Norco Industries

Norco Industries is an engineering and manufacturing company known for their high-quality and reliable products since 1964.

In the past years, they had established a deep expertise in the construction of floor jacks and other similar equipment.

Now, Norco Industries is one of the best American brands when it comes to hydraulic equipment and professional lifting.

True to their tagline “When Safety Depends on Performance,” they meet the demands of their customers, ensuring the task is performed perfectly, and accidents are prevented.

While Norco Industries do offer imported versions of their products with materials from other countries, they remain to offer 100% USA-made jacks.

Arcan Professional Tools

Though not as big as Hein-Werner and Norco Industries, Arcan Professional Tools has earned its spot as one of the best floor jack manufacturers. Why? Its floor jack lineup is consistently rated high by both the buyers and experts.

Arcan Professional Tools takes pride in building US-made equipment that lasts long and performs excellently.

You can use their products for heavy-duty task every day, and you will not have a problem.

The main features of floor jacks from Arcan Professional Tools include the quick rise system, portability, strength, and safety.

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JEGS was built in 1960. It started as a race shop in Columbus, Ohio. Though it still serves the automotive community, it now extends its services and products to other industries.

The brand is primarily known for their auto parts and accessories. However, their floor jacks, made from 100% American materials, are one of the best in the market.

Compared to other brands, JEGS offers good prices. Their floor jacks are generally known for being lightweight, portable, and suitable for almost any kind of vehicle.

Blackhawk Automotive

The Blackhawk Automotive is another American brand under the Shinn Fu Company of America (SFA).

Like Hein-Werner, it puts emphasis on quality and safety in manufacturing their products. Expert reviews on its floor jack lineup are often positive.

Blackhawk Automotive usually include a bypass device in their floor jacks for damage prevention and a safety valve for harmless operation. Thus, whatever task you have in mind, it can withstand any damage.


A floor jack is a necessary tool to have in your garage or auto shop. The best floor jack is one that will last long and ensure your safety. This said, the best ones in the market are American-made.

Why buy American made floor jacks? That’s because American brands like Hein-Werner, Norco Industries, Arcan Professional Tools, JEGS, and Blackhawk Automotive have not failed to meet their buyers’ expectations.

There’s no doubt that American made floor jacks have attributes that you can’t find in those built in other countries.