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5 Best Mechanics Creepers Seats On The Market

Woman on red mechanical creeper

The circumstances you work in determine the quality of the outcome. When it comes to working on your car you need a comfortable position especially if you’re going to be busy for long. That’s where the best mechanics creepers seats become excellent features in your garage.    Buying Guide  Before you pick out your creeper seat you […]

How to Use a Transmission Jack Adaptor

To understand how to use a transmission jack adaptor, first, one has to understand why someone would need one. Anyone, who’s ever tried to take out a transmission without the right equipment, understands just how hard and unsafe this job can be. The shape and sheer weight of the components make manual removal dangerous, so the versatile […]

Omega 41003 Black Telescopic Transmission Jack Review

Telescopic transmissions enable the user to transfer the transmission directly onto the workbench after taking it out, adding another layer of comfort and convenience.  The Omega 41003 Black Telescopic Transmission Jack – 1000 lb. Capacity is a versatile tool with a high weight limit and some incredibly useful features. Features plus Material: Metal plus Weight Capacity: […]

Schwaben Aluminium Low Profile Floor Jack Review

Introducing the Schwaben 011362SCH01A Aluminum Low Profile Floor Jack (2 Ton). The sleek, ultralight, powerhouse floor jack, perfect for the aggressive lowered ride. Finding the perfect jack doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s all about performance, material, strength, and profile, particularly where gravity shredding performance cars are concerned. This article runs the rule over Schwaben Tool’s new […]

Your Guide To Making Homemade Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks are an excellent piece of kit to keep on hand in your vehicle or garage. The right chocks, applied correctly, can offer an extra measure of safety and stability for a car, particularly when using a jack to elevate a wheel. Don’t go rushing out to your local store, however, wooden wheel chocks are simple […]

How To Use A Brake Bleeder – DIY In 10 Steps

It’s important to use a brake bleeder to bleed the brakes of a car following a component replacement involving one of the brake lines. You may also need one when old fluid needs to be flushed. A spongy feel when applying the brake pedal is often a sure sign that there is air in the brake lines […]

Why You Should Always Have A Floor Jack In Your Car Garage

A garage can be a dangerous environment to work in, especially if the tools that are required to work safely are not there. Floor jacks are one of the most common tools found in garages, and misusing them results in a high number of accidents every year. This is why everyone working in a garage should be […]

Should You Buy Or Rent A Transmission Jack?

No professional mechanic should go without a transmission jack, as the device plays a vital role in any garage.  A transmission jack enables mechanics to effortlessly work on the transmissions of different types of vehicles without the risk that would otherwise come with working on such a heavy mechanical part. A transmission jack can lift this weight […]

Nesco Tools 2203 Floor Jack Review

Nesco Tools 2203 Review

It’s Funny how we think that mechanical knowledge is all you need to repair your car. Garnering the right tools for the job is even more important. A floor jack is one of those tools you don’t compromise on. Here we look at the Nesco Tools 2203 Low Profile Aluminum Floor Jack. This tool is […]

Powerzone Hydraulic Floor Jack Review

Powerzone Hydraulic Floor Jack Review

There is an ongoing debate about which metal is best to build floor jacks with. The two most common ones found are either steel or aluminum jacks. Each material has its own set of benefits and advantages, so it’s hard to really pinpoint which is better as a whole. Steel jacks are known for being durable […]

Powerbuilt Floor Jackeview Review

Powerbuilt Floor Jack Review

Finding a cost-effective floor jack is not about going for the cheapest in the market. Choosing a low-quality floor jack is a terrible idea because they can end up causing thousands of dollars worth of damage, not to mention severe injuries to the user. If you are on a budget, you have to do some additional […]