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Best 3 Ton Floor Jacks 2021 (Product Reviews)

There are a ton of buying options when you start researching 3-ton floor jacks. You can choose a heavy-duty 3-ton jack, which tends to be heavier and more expensive. In addition, there are low-profile 3-ton floor jacks, which have the ability to get under sports cars. Therefore, we tried to show you the top-rated options […]

K Tool International 3.33 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack Review

k tool international 3.33 ton floor jack review

The 3.33 Ton Low Profile Service Jack from K Tool International is known in the industry to be a real workhorse. Built for tire shops and other places that need powerful and effective automotive tools, it is self-explanatory that this jack can take a beating and do the job for your common automobile needs with […]

SUNCOO 3 Ton Floor Jack Review

suncoo 3 ton floor jack review

Are you looking for the best floor jack? Do you want a quality and durable product within your budget? You will find many options when it comes to floor jack brands and lifting capacities. You might be thinking that you will have to spend more on quality and durability. However, you can get an affordable […]

Sunex 6603ASJ 3 Ton Aluminum Lift Floor Jack Review

sunex 3 ton aluminum lift review

A floor jack with a good lifting capacity makes a very important tool for a heavy vehicle owner. It doesn’t matter if you own a mechanic shop or not, a floor jack will always come in handy when dealing with vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs. But with so many different brands and […]

3 Ton Floor Jacks & Car Jacks For Sale

3 ton floor jacks

Below, we have our complete list of 3-ton floor jacks for sale. We have a huge selection of car jacks that can lift vehicles that weigh 6,000 pounds or less. There are some popular brands below including Pittsburgh Automotive, BIG RED, Craftsman, Liftmaster, Arcan, and more.   How to Choose 3 Ton Floor Jacks Before […]

TCE TCE83508 Torin Low Profile 3.25 Ton Floor Jack Review

tce 3.25 torin hydraulic floor jack review

Looking for a great floor jack with high capacity and sturdy built? The TCE 3.25 ton floor jack will be an ideal choice for you. Not only does it have good reviews from customers, but it also comes with plenty of features. You can read our complete review below for the TCE Torin 6,500 lb […]

Torin A94117B BlackJack Hydraulic 3 Ton Floor Jack Review

If you want to invest in quality, Torin Blackjack 3 Ton Floor Jack is worth the cost. The jack is quality made and comes with many improved, easy-to-use, and safety features to stand out in the crowd. The best part is that it can handle heavyweight and even your small vehicle. This unique quality and […]

CAT 3 Ton Low Profile Fast Lift Floor Jack Review

cat 3 ton floor jack review

So, you are looking for one of the best floor jacks. You want quality construction and advanced safety features. You want a versatile jack to support all your lifting demands. You can think of buying the CAT 3 Ton Floor Jack. It tops the list since it comes with quality construction, easy lifting, and many […]

NOS NSJ0301 3 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack Review

If you are looking for a compact design and a highly efficient floor jack to make lifting easy, you should not look beyond the NOS NSJ0301 3 Ton Aluminum Service Jack. The product is worth considering for its advanced safety features, quality material, and lightweight design. The lightweight design will enable you to transport the […]

Neiko Pro 20272B 3 Ton Floor Jack Review

neiko pro 3 ton floor jack review

Neiko Pro 20272B Premium Low Profile Aluminum Floor Jack is an excellent 3-ton floor jack. It has a compact design with 29.13 x 13 x 6.69 inches of dimensions. This floor jack has an impressive lift capacity of 3 tons. It has an attractive design and a strong body. To make you fully aware of […]

Hein-Werner HW93652 Blue 3 Ton Floor Jack Review

A high-quality floor jack is an essential tool to support your driving, whether you are at home or outdoors in adverse conditions. It can enable you to lift your heavy vehicle easily and access all the parts without any additional help. However, you will have to invest in a quality product to make the lifting […]

Liftmaster 3 Ton Floor Jack Review

liftmaster 3 ton floor jack review

Finding the right hydraulic floor jacks for lifting heavy vehicles can be difficult with all of the options. You obviously want to start by looking at lifting capacity, pricing, safety, and durability. That’s why we put together a review below for the Liftmaster 3-ton floor jack, which is a heavy-duty low profile car jack. Liftmaster […]

Performance Tool W1645 3 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack Review

3 ton floor jack performance tool review

Whether you’re looking for a high-quality floor jack for your personal home garage or an automotive workshop, finding the right tool with respect to strength, portability, and durability is very important. One such tool is the Performance Tool W1645 3 ton Low Profile Floor Jack. We have our complete review below. Performance Tool 3 Ton […]

JEGS 80077 3 Ton Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack Review

jegs 3 ton floor jack review

Are you looking for a quality and durable floor jack? Do you want advanced features without hurting your budget? You can consider buying JEGS 80077 3 Ton Low Profile Aluminum Floor Jack. It is quality made and designed to offer a durable result. Also, it is well-equipped and focuses more on enhanced safety to become […]

Craftsman 9-50139 3 Ton Service Floor Jack Review

craftsman 3 ton floor jack review

If you are looking for a high-quality and top-rated floor jack, you should consider the Craftsman 3 Ton Service Jack. Craftsman comes with some easy-to-use and advanced safety features to stand out in the crowd. It is easy to operate for beginners. It can enable you to do most of your basic jobs without any […]

Milestone Tools Powerzone 380046 3 Ton Jack Combo Set Review

Milestone Tools Powerzone 380046 3 Ton Garage Combo Set - 6 Piece

If you are interested in the Milestone Tools Powerzone 380046 3 ton floor jack, 3 ton jack stand pair, folding creeper, and tire chocks, you need this review! Don’t purchase a floor jack, jack stands, folding creeper, and tire chocks separately. Instead, take the convenient route and purchase a garage jack combo set so you […]

Milestone Tools Powerzone 380034 2 Ton Jack Combo Review

Milestone Tools Powerzone 2 Ton Floor Jack and Jack Stand Pair Review

Are you looking for one of the best floor jacks? Do you want a jack stand combo to go along with your car jack to maximize the benefits? If yes, you can have a look at the following review for the Milestone Tools Powerzone 380034, which is a safe and sturdy jack. It stands out […]

Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Floor Jack Review

pittsburgh automotive floor jack review

If you have vehicles with considerably different requirements, then the Pittsburgh Automotive floor jack may be the perfect fit for you. Boasting of an incredibly low profile and high lift capacity, this versatile jack caters to low and elevated vehicles alike. In addition, it is durable and safe to use. We have our complete Pittsburgh […]

Arcan (HJ3000A/A20001) 3 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack Review

Arcan 3 Ton Hybrid Heavy Duty Alumium and Steel Low Profile Floor Jack

With so many options and different types of floor jacks available in the market, it can become very overwhelming to choose the right one. If you are not sure whether or not to purchase the Arcan 3 Ton Hybrid Floor Jack, don’t stress! The review below will give you all the information you need in […]

BIG RED T83006 Torin Hydraulic Trolley 3 Ton Floor Jack Review

BIG RED T83006 Torin Hydraulic Trolley 3 Ton Floor Jack Review

If you like working on vehicles, then a floor jack is an essential item to own. Since there are many floor jacks available on the market, finding the right one can get challenging. Luckily, we have managed to find a fantastic floor jack that will fit most people’s needs. BIG RED 3 Ton Floor Jack […]