How To Bleed And Fill A Floor Jack

Learning how to bleed a floor jack is skill that will save you a lot of time and money!

When you own a hydraulic floor jack, you will notice that over time, its performance starts declining and you wonder why. Usually, there are two reasons why this happens: it is low on hydraulic fluid or it has too much air in the system. Yes, you heard that right, floor jacks get filled with air and this causes it to lose strength and lift your vehicle slower.

To have this fixed, you need to take the air out of the system and fill it with hydraulic fluid if necessary.

In 7 easy steps, I will show how you can do this yourself. Bear in mind that there are different types of jacks and these may not apply to yours. Lucky for you, the concept applies to all of them.

First off, here are the things you will need:

  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Hydraulic Fluid
  • Floor Jack Manual

Step 1: Rotate the handle counter-clockwise.

Rotating the handles will allow you to open up the valve where it gets filled with air.

Step 2: Screw out the air fill.

Now that the pressure valve is open, screw out the air fill. This will allow you to release any air in the jack system.

Step 3: Pump the handle 4 to 6 times

Pump the jack handle back and forth several times. This process will bleed the air out of the system. Keep in mind, if you feel your jack has too much air in its system, try pumping the handle more times until you feel comfortable air is finally released.

Tip: If you get close to the jack valve, you can hear the air bleeding out. Keep pumping jack handle until you stop hearing the air.

Step 4: Screw out fluid fill.

Proceed to checking the oil fill. This is important to check. If the jack is short on oil, it will still affect its performance and you will be the first one to notice.

Once this fill is open, you will easily be able to notice if it is lacking oil.

Step 5: Insert hydraulic fill into air fill.

This step can be a bit confusing for some, as this may not apply to all jacks. In this particular case, you must insert the oil on the air fill.

Step 6: Inspect valve is filled with fluid.

The inspection is pretty straightforward. As you feel the system with oil, you will notice it popping out from the oil fill when its full.

Step 7: Slowly, pump the handle until jack is fully lifted. Repeat twice.

Finally, pump the handle enough time until you start feeling it is working as good as new.

Check out the full video tutorial posted by Richpin’s Auto Repair:

Learning how to bleed your floor jack is pretty simple, and trust me, it will save you a lot of money. There is no need to buy a new jack when this is the cause of your jack’s performance (although I would strongly advise that you make sure this is the only problem). Follow these steps and your problems will be solved!