7 Best Motorcycle Jacks [Insider’s Buyer’s Guide]

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Motorcycle jacks are categorized into three according to the mechanism they operate on hydraulics, compressed air, or on the combination of both.

These tools come in a wide variety of designs in order to meet the broad range of weights, types, and motorcycle repairs.

In this article, we’re going to list down the 7 best motorcycle jacks.

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Best Motorcycle Floor Jack

Milestone Tools PowerZone 380047

Dragways Tool Wide Deck Jack

Extreme Max Wide Size Scissor Jack

Alltrade Power Built 620422E

Black Widow MC Motorcycle Jack

ZENY 1100 LB Lift Motorcycle Jack

Extreme Max Motorcycle Jack 5001.5047

Types of Motorcycle Jacks

 Hydraulic Motorcycle Jack

This type is a popular choice when doing serious maintenance works on a motorbike. It is equipped with different options like a foot pump or a pump handle in order to raise the platform.

Some of the heavy duty motorcycle jacks come with both options.

Motorcycle Scissor Jack

This type of jack has one crank installed at the end, and this is the lifting mechanism to be used.

Its scissor type design determines the height of the jack. This is often used with custom-made motorcycles.

Safety Hints When Using Motorcycle Jacks

 It is necessary to observe the necessary activities of ensuring safety when operating a motorcycle jack.

The motorcycle as well as the other equipment and tools can pose serious risks of injuries. Here are some safety tips to remember when using motorcycle jacks.

  • Know the weight of the bike you’re working on and select the right lift for the specific load.
  • Avoid overloading the jack.
  • Raise motorbikes on the right lifting points only.
  • Keep your hands and feet away from the critical pinch points.
  • Equip safety locks when using the jacks.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and remove all the unnecessary tools that may add harm.
  • Check the stability of the motorbike when attached to the jack before doing the necessary work.

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Things to Consider Before Buying One

 Before buying a motorcycle jack, you need to think of the numerous factors so you can get the most of your purchase. Here are some factors you need to consider:

Weight capacity of the jack

Always make sure that the weight capacity of the jack can hold the weight load of the motorcycle you’re working on.

Overloading the lift often compromises the safety of the bikes and people around.


 The size of the platform should also match the size of the motorcycle you have. Oftentimes, narrow platforms can be risky as a contrast to the wide ones.

Furthermore, rubberized platforms should be on the top of your options to avoid scratches and damage to your motorcycle.


Since motorcycles are heavy, opt for the jacks that are made of high quality hardened steel so they can cater the load imposed on them.

Also make sure to notice the mechanism it operates if it poses durable connections like the welds and bolts.


Most often overlooked, the dimensions of your motorcycle jack determines the type of motorcycles you can attach on it. Bulky motorcycles are fitted for large jacks and slim types.

Storage options

 Purchasing large jacks are perfect for your large garage. You don’t want your motorcycle jack to occupy all the space in your garage. Proper proportioning is necessary.

Ease of Usage

 When shopping for any product, you have to look for the best quality there is. Apart from that, the ease of use should also be one of your preferences.

You don’t want to work with a motorcycle jack that is difficult to lift or operate.

Complicated tools often stress out people while adding the risk of injuries and damage.

As soon as you have figured out the options you want for your motorcycle jack, it’s time to head to the stores and begin shopping.

To help you narrow down your options, here’s a list of the top 7 motorcycle jacks available in the market nowadays:

Top 7 Motorcycle Jacks You Can Choose From

Milestone Tools PowerZone 380047

 Replacing your low power and capacity jack for the “Milestone Tools PowerZone 380047” can be one of the greatest steps that you can do.

With a rating of 1,700 pounds, this hydraulic jack can do all the heavy duty lifting works effectively. It can lift and support medium to bulky motorbikes.

 Once locked and loaded, the jack can lift the motorbike within the range of 4.5 inches to 14.5 inches without causing damage to the components.

Furthermore, since this is a heavy duty jack, the steel material made it possible to withstand the usual wear and tear without breaking under pressure.

 Its foot-activated pump makes it easier for any user to lift the motorcycle.

Ditch the old hand-cranked lift and opt for this foot-activated pump for a more convenient and effortless work.

Finally, if you have a small garage or a tiny space allotted for storage, this jack is perfect for youbecause of its compact design that allows you to keep the tool without accumulating too much space on your home.


  • checkCan support any size of motorbikes
  • checkDurable to withstand the usual wear and tear
  • checkPromotes ergonomics as it is foot activated
  • checkCompact and easy to store


  • Risks of hydraulic fluid leaks

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Dragways Tool Wide Deck Jack

A motorcycle jack is a convenient tool for the maintenance of your motorcycles. On the tracks, this powerful equipment allows people to do the necessary adjustments to your bike, especially during the competition.

The Dragways Tool is scissor-type motorcycle jack that has a lot of desirable specifications.

The stable and wide platform, which measures 16 by 10 inches, makes it perfect for any surface to work on, which includes sand and concrete.

The lift is helpful in the tuning and maintenance of your motorcycle at a regular basis.

The Dragways Tool is a flexible design as it can work well with almost all of the motorbike models.

 It can hoist and support bikes with weights of around 1100 pounds, lifting them until 13.25 inches above the normal elevation.

On the last note, the rubber pads installed makes it non-slippery, which is safe for both the motorbike and the user.The only downside of this motorcycle jack is that parts for repair or replacement are difficult to find.


  • checkReady to use upon purchase
  • checkCan easily be used on rush situations
  • check​Rubber pads help in avoiding slippage of the motorcycles


  • ​Repair and replacement parts are difficult find

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Extreme Max Wide Size Scissor Jack

 A lot of the motorcycle jacks used before are not stable and they tend to tip over while being used.

In order to assure safety while doing some maintenance jobs on your motorbike, the Extreme Max is a perfect choice.

This is a high-powered jack, which tends to be a popular choice for many for a lot of compelling reasons.

It is made out of a heavy-duty steel, which makes it more durable and reliable, while supporting 1100-pound motorcycles.

Its design is well-balanced and convenient on most surfaces, which includes loose soil and tarmac.

 One of the benefits you can acquire when using this jack is that you can easily access the underside of your motorbike as the jack stretches up to 14 inches.

Plus, it is equipped with a 7/8-inch socket that will ease you in lifting the jack and the bike.

Finally, it also has a non-slip characteristic which adds safety and security while working.


  • checkCan be used on different surfaces
  • checkEase in reaching most parts of the motorbike because of the allowable space between the lift and the motorbike
  • check​Non-slip features to enhance safety while working


  • Some parts are prone to the usual wear and tear
  • ​Unstable during the jacking up process

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Alltrade Power Built 620422E

 If you own an underpowered jack and you realize that it doesn’t make your maintenance works more convenient, then it’s time to switch to “Alltrade Powerbuilt 620422E”.

With this design, you don’t need to put your motorbike and yourself at risk during maintenance. Plus, you won’t need the help of experts to do the work for you either.

This heavy-duty equipment is perfect whether you are doing some maintenance work for personal or business use.

It is equipped with high-end and sturdy saddle and lift rails. It is also padded to prevent scratches on your motorbike.

A lot of motorcycles available today are of different types, designs, and weight. Some are light and slender, while others are bulky and heavy.

This will not be the case when used with the Alltrade lift jack as it can cater almost any type of motorbike.

Aside from the motorcycles, this jack can also lift ATVs without causing any issue. Its ease of use makes the moving, removal as well as the replacement of parts a lot easier.

Finally, the lift has been installed with a locking safety gadget that makes it stable especially during stress.


  • checkPadded body to avoid scratches on the motorbike
  • checkCan work well with any type and size of motorbike
  • check​Installed with lock and safety features to increase stability


  • Prone to leakage of hydraulic fluid
  • ​Handle is too short, making it difficult to use

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Black Widow MC Motorcycle Jack 

 The Black Widow jack is popular because of its sophisticated design and color. It is manufactured to cater both personal and commercial usage.

It can lift almost any size and type of motorcycle.

It offers ease in usage because you can access any part of the motorcycle when hoisted and do the repairs and replacements effortlessly.

This lift has a socket-driven scissor-type lift that is easy to maneuver. Also, its manual system can support 1100 pounds of motorcycle even during power interruptions.

The jack is made of a high quality fabricated steel that can stand the test of time.

You will be assured that this lift will be free of rust for a long time because of its powder-coated finish design.

One of the best things about the Black Widow is that it is ready to use when bought.

Unlike other motorcycle jacks that need to be assembled, this can be used already as soon as it goes off the shelf.

You can operate the jack at standalone mode when you have lightweight motorcycles.

For heavier ones, you need not to worry because it has base grips and pre-drilled brackets when you want more security while using.


  • checkReady to use upon purchase.
  • checkEquipped with different working mechanisms depending on the type of motorbike to work on.


  • It won’t fit under other motorcycles unless parts of the vehicle will be removed
  • ​Unstable during the jacking up process

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ZENY 1100 LB Lift Motorcycle Jack

As a contrast to the common perception, you don’t need a great amount of strength and effort to lift a motorcycle, you simply have to use a motorcycle jack. 

High quality jacks like the ZENY 1100 LB is a perfect component for the job.

It is made of high quality steel which makes it one of the top-rated jacks. You can use this product to hoist your motorbikes without any hassle or problem of topping over.

Scissor-type jacks are tough and sturdy devices as they can secure and lift most types of motorcycles effectively. Its body design measures 18 by 6 by 3.5 inches.

Furthermore, its weight capacity is about 1100 pounds, and when it is in its full stretch it can lift motorbikes, trikes, or cruisers from 3.5 to 7 inches.

 The narrow design of the ZENY 1100 LB gives people the necessary space for the maintenance of the motorcycles.

The contact points are equipped with rubber pads to avoid scratches and damage to the bikes.


  • checkSturdy and secure because of the design
  • checkCompact design gives enough space to work on the garage


  • Plastic rollers instead of steel ones 
  • Pedestal is too tall

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Extreme Max Motorcycle Jack 5001.5047

Owning a motorcycle jack in your garage poses a lot of advantages. They make it easier for you to do the necessary repairs and maintenance on most motorcycle types.

Furthermore, they also enhance the safety of both the motorcycle and the user when working with heavy duty motorcycles.

With the high quality Extreme Max jack, you will get your money’s worth for a long time. Its versatility can serve even the cruiser and touring types of motorcycles.

 Maintenance of motorcycles includes working its center, rear, and front parts. This is the frequent dilemma of most individuals with second-rate brands of jacks.

This motorcycle jack has a removable and adjustable frame adapter that extends its stretch height with an additional 3 ¼ inches.

Its stability makes it convenient to lift both the front and rear parts of the motorcycle.

The heavy duty material used in the manufacturing of the jack can hold weights up to about 1100 pounds. For additional security, it can be easily mounted to concrete.


  • checkCan support different types of motorcycles
  • checkAdjustable and removable adapter for the extra and flexible stretch of the lift
  • checkCan easily be used on concrete surfaces


  • Other parts of motorcycles can’t be supported
  • Plastic Bearings on the scissors

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After reading the buyer’s guide, you should now have a better understanding about the motorcycle jack, the reason why you need one, and the safety precautions entailed in it.

These are the 7 best motorcycle jacks available in the market nowadays.

You just have to weigh your preferences, the type of motorcycle you have, and the kind of activities you frequently do.

This way, you’ll find it easier to acquire the top motorcycle lift for your everyday use.

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