The 5 Best Jack Stands for 2020

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You can’t predict when you’ll get a puncture in your tire. Therefore, you always need a jack stand in the car that you’re traveling in.

What is ideal about jack stands is that they are compact and can be stored easily.

You need a jack stand that is safe to use and can lift the vehicle without the risk of slippage. The five safest jack stands are presented below.

Read up on them so you know which one will suit your requirements.

These jack stands prove their worth by their capabilities to lift and securely hold your car above the ground.

Product Name

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Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stand

Camco Olympian Aluminum Stack Jack Stand

Cartman 3 Ton Jack Stand

Craftsman 4 Ton Jack Stand

Performance Tool 6 Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stand

Top Rated Jack Stands Reviewed

1. Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stand



This jack stand is made from high quality grade steel. The graded steel material delivers the durability you need in a jack stand.

The strong built makes it highly effective since it won’t break or collapse under pressure.

There is a welded frame design on the jack stand that adds more durability.

The high durability aspect guarantees the jack stand will easily support the weight of most cars.


There is a large saddle surface at the top of the jack stand to support the vehicle further.

The saddle surface also creates a large area where the stand has contact with the car. This all adds to safety.

Designed with the jack stand is a single piece self locking multi position iron bar. This bar offers precise adjustments to lift the vehicle smoothly and lock it in place.

This protects you and the car.


The capacity the jack stand can hold includes:

  • check2 Tons
  • check3 Tons
  • check6 Tons
  • check12 Tons


The construction of this jack stand is made to be highly durable so it can handle most vehicles.

The self locking system is a practical feature to have because the chances of the jack causing the car to fall are small. 

You can work without being concerned about the car accidentally falling.

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2. Camco Olympian Aluminum Stack Jack Stand

Safety Design and Durability 

The Camco Olympian Aluminum Jack Stand is manufactured intentionally to lift RVs. The jack stand needs to be durable to handle the heavy weight of them.

All the jack stands are made with cast aluminum.

The jack stands are adjustable from 11”-17”. Each adjustment level positions the RV to gain maximum stability.


This jack stand is offered in a two pack or a four pack. This is one of the safest jack stands that can be used on an RV as each jack supports up to 6000lb.


The packs of jack stands are easy to use when you need. The strong materials can easily lift the RV without any momentary relapse.

This is important as you know your safety is guaranteed when working underneath the RV.

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3. Cartman 3 Ton Jack Stand


The Cartman 3 Ton Jack Stand meets the ANSI requirements. This proves the jack stand can lift most vehicles with ease.

The strong construction material keeps the jack stand in place while it’s supporting the car. This limits the risk of the car slipping.

Safety Design

Built onto the jack stand is a multi position ductile ratchet bar.

The quick adjustment mechanism securely locks the bar into place which makes the jack stand extra secure.

The adjustments range from 278mm to 415mm. No matter the position the car is locked in it will be safe.


You receive two jack stands with your purchase. Both are lightweight yet strong. The cars most suited for these jack stands are commercial vehicles.


If you want a jack stand that you can keep in your car then this product is perfect for that need. They’re simple yet highly effective.

The ANSI requirement that are met guarantees that this product is one of the safest jack stands you can purchase.

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4. Craftsman 4 Ton Jack Stand Pair

Safety Design

The Craftsmant 4 Ton Jack Stand is designed to meet the latest ANSI or PALD standards. All the jack stands from Craftsman are made to be durable and safe.

The sturdy stamped steel construction not only safely holds your vehicle but keeps the stand in a fixed position on the ground.

The height adjustment mechanism is easy to operate. Each pump smoothly lifts the car. There won’t be any momentary jerking motions that make you lose control.


You get a pair of jack stands with your purchase and they each weigh 18.04 lb. These jack stands are practical to use on commercial vehicles.


If you want a jack stand that delivers full strength then this is the one for you. You can easily lift your car without strain.

Your car is supported well because the parts where your car rests on are wider than most car jacks.

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5. Performance Tool Heavy Duty Jack Set 


The entire jack set—frame and wide frame—is made with heavy duty construction materials that make the jack durable. It won’t collapse or become unbalanced.

Safety Design

The design of the jack stand set meets all ANSI requirements. The levers help you lift the car smoothly and the lock system ensures they won’t slip while your car is in the air.


The capacities of the jack set include:

  • check2 Tons 
  • check3 Tons
  • check6 Tons

The lift range is from 15 1/2’’ to 23 1/2’’. It’s ideal to use on cars and light duty trucks.


If your household has different sizes cars then this jack stand and set are perfect for you.

The heavy construction materials used in manufacturing them hold the stand in place while securing the car in the air. 

This means your family members will always be safe using them.

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As a recommendation, we advise you to try the Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stand or the Camco Olympian Aluminum Stack Jack Stand.

They are both made to lift and hold even large vehicles with ease. This is convenient so your gear gives you versatility in application. However, you can choose any of the top-rated Jack Stands above and they will all likely work for your needs.

One set of stands does it all.