3.5 Ton Floor Jacks & 3.5 Ton Car Jacks

3.5 ton floor jacks lifts

Why Choose a 3.5 Ton Floor Jack?

If you want to do some work on a large truck, SUV, or large vehicle, a 3.5 ton floor jack is a must-have tool. You can speed up the process when working underneath a vehicle, changing tires, rotors, brakes, or even speed up some work on transmission jobs.

In order to choose the model that you need and that will suit your vehicle, before you go to the auto body shop you need to know that floor jacks have many models that differ in weight ratings, materials from which they are made such as aluminum and steel, and numerous sizes. Floor jacks are a tool that will help you around any business underneath a vehicle, and to reduce the risk of a vehicle falling, you should choose a top-rated floor jack.

If you are interested in floor jacks that have the strongest lifting power then hydraulic jacks are a good choice. The hydraulic jack on its four wheels has a cylindrical mechanism and a lever that pumps fluid between cylinders and gives unbelievable strong lifting pressure. To keep your vehicle safe while lifting Big Red has a great selection of 3.5 ton car jack.

For those who need a lighter model, there are aluminum floor jacks that are also heavy duty. These models are used by both professionals and amateurs. Although at first glance, it may seem that it is weak due to aluminum, they are actually very durable. Arcan has great aluminum floor jack models with a quick rise.

For all fans of traditional models, we recommend the low profile floor jack, which is a great choice because it is very easy for the lifting of all low profile vehicles in just a few seconds. The Blackhawk has an extremely good selection of 3.5 ton floor jack.

And for those who need a heavy-duty floor jack that is easy to position due to its durable casters, Turin has one of the highest quality 3.5 ton car jacks.