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22 Ton Floor Jack

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Why Choose 22-Ton Floor Jacks?

22-ton floor jacks may seem like simple and straightforward tools, but there are some important considerations to contemplate before purchasing or using a floor jack. Most automotive shops employ floor jacks as a quick and easy way to lift a vehicle off the floor to perform repairs or maintenance. A 22-Ton (44,000 lbs) Floor Jack comes in pretty handy when there are a variety of vehicles that require lifting as it can handle almost any size equipment on the road today.

How to Choose a 22 Ton Floor Jack

Most 22-ton floor jacks are hydraulic jacks, which makes them very easy to use and durable. Look for a commercial-grade heavy-duty steel floor jack. The top-rated options use air hydraulic lifting. I would highly recommend looking closely at product reviews so you can choose a lasting product.

Most Popular Floor Jack Designs

Due to the different types of design and engineering for floor jacks, there are some choices available when it comes to specifying a floor jack for a particular job or purpose. In general, the following types of floor jacks listed below are the most popular on the market today.

Hydraulic Floor Jacks

Ever since the hydraulic jack was patented by Richard Dudgeon in 1851, the fluid-based design has overtaken the mechanical screw jack. In the intervening years, hydraulics have become the universal standard for floor jacks due to its simplicity of design, durability in performing its task, and ease of use. Human-powered and air-powered floor jacks are the most common type of floor jack in use around the world today.

Heavy-Duty Floor Jacks

This designation is provided for floor jacks that can lift a vehicle higher than a standard lift and it uses fewer strokes of the lift lever to accomplish the task. Heavy-Duty may also refer to the type of steel used to construct the floor jacks with higher-grade steels having a higher deflection (bending or warping) rating than milder steel.

Low Profile Floor Jacks

The shorter height of a low-profile floor jack makes it ideal for use under low-slung vehicles like racing cars or specialized transporters. Lower profile floor jacks are used in many other industrial applications on production floors, in warehouses as well as other “non-traditional” locations.

Aluminum Floor Jacks

When the weight of the floor jack is a factor, the use of aluminum in the construction of the floor jack makes it much lighter than high-density steel. The lighter weight makes the floor jack easier to maneuver and reduces the physical stress on the user.

Top 22 Ton Floor Jack Manufacturers and Brands

The number of 22 ton floor jacks available on the market today is a result of the number of floor jacks in use around the world. It is a vital tool in repair shops, in manufacturing environments, and dozens of other applications. When it comes to high-quality products that emphasize engineering, durability, and value, the following 22 ton floor jack manufacturers are the cream of the crop: Stark, Sunex, JEGS, OTC, Strongway, Omega, GoPlus, Norco, Astro, and more.

In Summary

Floor jacks can do a wide range of jobs, but only if they are designed and engineered to do so. A quality 22-Ton Floor Jack should last for many lifts and many years. Remember, the floor jack that works for lifting a car may not be suitable for lifting a truck, so choosing the optimal specification for each application is important and it can save a lot of time, money, and frustration as well.