2 Ton Floor Jacks & 2 Ton Car Jacks

2 ton floor jacks

2 Ton Floor Jacks and Car Jacks

2 Ton Floor Jack

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Why Choose a 2 Ton Floor Jack?

2 ton floor jacks can lift most cars because the majority of newer cars weigh under 4,000 lbs. You can opt for a 3 ton floor jack if you have a larger vehicle you need to lift in the air. However, you don’t need to spend the extra money if you just need to lift a small car.

If you work on your own cars, you will need to get access to some parts that are tucked underneath the car, and this will require a floor jack. 2 ton floor jacks are used to lift a small vehicle in the air in a safe manner. This allows work to be done on the tires, brakes, or any work underneath a vehicle.

How to Choose a 2 Ton Floor Jack

But, before heading to an auto body shop and choosing a floor jack, it is better to first inform yourself about the model that suits your needs, and that will fit your vehicle. Floor jacks vary in weight ratings, in material (some are from steel and some are from aluminum), and in size. You should also look for some of the top brands such as Pro-Lift, Pittsburgh Automotive, Big Red, Arcan, Powerbuilt, or Craftsman.

Check out user reviews and make sure you don’t buy based solely on price. Higher priced 4,000 lb floor jacks will be more reliable, durable, and will last longer as well.

Hydraulic 2 Ton Floor Jacks

A hydraulic floor jack is a device that helps in lifting of heavy loads by applying force obtained through a hydraulic cylinder. Hydraulic cylinders are extremely practical in any situation. The Pro-Lift and Arcan brands have a great selection of 2-ton floor jacks that are extremely strong and of high quality.

Heavy Duty 2 Ton Floor Jacks

Heavy-duty floor jacks are specialized for heavy-duty vehicles like RVs, trucks, buses, and others. Some models also have a steel caster that allows you to place it wherever you need it. Pittsburgh Automotive has a great selection of heavy-duty 2-ton car jacks that are very powerful. However,

2 Ton Low Profile Floor Jacks

The low profile floor jack is good for all those who are more inclined to traditional models. It is because they are very easy to use when lifting all low profile cars/vehicles. In a few seconds, your car will be lifted. The Arcan brand has excellent 2-ton floor jacks.

2 Ton Aluminum Floor Jacks

The aluminum floor jack is heavy-duty and lightweight at the same time and is used by professionals and amateurs alike. Although made of aluminum, their durability, and power is great. If you are interested in these, Big Red has a great offer.

In Summary

If you are looking for some of the best 2 ton floor jacks for sale, you will definitely find them above. We have a lot of options to choose from and they are ranked in terms of popularity. I would highly recommend choosing a reputable brand because it is such an important product.