1.5 Ton Scissor Jacks & Scissor Lifts

1.5 ton scissor jacks lifts

Why Choose 1.5 Ton Scissor Jacks

1.5-ton scissor jacks are devices used to safely and easily lift vehicles off the ground. They are made up of numerous diagonal metal pieces that contract and expand depending on how the lever to the side is turned. The name arises from the scissor-like action of these devices. Scissor jacks are quite compact when contracted fully, and these useful devices can easily be carried around in the trunk of a car.

Types of 1.5 Ton Scissor Jacks

Generally, 1.5 ton scissor lifts are manual devices that you turn yourself to lift a vehicle. Most cars and SUVs are heavier than 3,000 pounds, so you may want to try a 2 ton scissor jack or more.

Electronic or Hydraulic Scissor Jacks

These scissor jacks typically do heavy-duty work. They are used to lift loads of more than 3 tons or 6000 lbs and are usually found in automobile service centres.

1.5 Ton Manual Scissor Jacks

Manual scissor jacks are much more common than their electronic or hydraulic counterparts. They are typically used to lift vehicles and loads less than 3 tons or 6000 lbs. Manual scissor jacks can be found in the every used or new vehicle and is an indispensable tool in case of a flat tire on the road.

About 1.5 Ton Scissor Jacks

There is plenty you need to know about 1.5 ton scissor lifts. We have some additional information below.

Weight Capacity

Also known as 3000 lb scissor jacks, these devices, as the name suggests, are rated with a 1.5 ton or 3000 lb capacity. This means that they can be used for lifting most small and mid-sized cars. Large sedans and SUVs, however, may prove to be too heavy.

Size and Weight

Typically, 3000 lb scissor jacks weigh in well under 10 pounds and are classified as manual scissor jacks. and are under 30 inches in width and 20 inches in height, making them very portable and easy to store in the trunk of a car.

Buying the Right Scissor Jack

Finding the right type of scissor jack for your purpose is crucial. If you are in the market for a new jack, check the weight of the vehicle you drive and make your purchase accordingly. Ensure that the jacks that you purchase are sturdy to ensure maximum safety and are simple to operate. With a high-quality jack in the trunk of your car, you can easily fix flat tires anywhere!