1.5 Ton Floor Jacks & 1.5 Ton Car Jacks

1.5 ton floor jacks

Why Choose a 1.5 Ton Floor Jack?

A 1.5 ton car jack is a tool that uses force to lift heavy loads. A floor jack is a lifting tool that is operated manually. They are mainly used exclusively for vehicle lifting off the ground for maintenance and repairs. One thing to keep in mind is these jacks lift 3,000 pounds, so if you have a larger vehicle then you will need a better floor jack.

1.5 ton floor jacks are specially designed to be low-profile, enabling you to roll it under vehicles so you can speed up the working process when changing tires, brakes, oil, or any other job underneath a vehicle.

How to Choose a 1.5 Ton Floor Jack

The 1.5 ton floor jack that you choose should be of high quality and strong enough to eliminate the risk of vehicle falling. This tool has many types, which differ from each other in weight ratings, the material from which they are built, and size.

Hydraulic 1.5 Ton Floor Jacks

Hydraulic floor jack models have the highest lifting power. It is because they consist of a cylindrical mechanism and a lever that pumps fluid between them, giving amazing lifting pressure. To keep your vehicle completely safe during lifting, Big Red has an excellent 1.5 ton car jack offer.

1.5 Ton Aluminum Floor Jacks

Aluminum floor jacks are lighter models but also heavy duty. Because of this, they are a favorite among both professionals and amateurs. Because of its material and lightness, people often mistakenly think that they are not strong enough. Although it is made of aluminum, they are extremely durable. Pittsburgh Automotive is among the manufacturers that have the best aluminum models.

Low Profile 1.5 Ton Floor Jacks

The low profile jack is for all those people who are fans of slightly more traditional models. What makes low profile jacks convenient is that they are easy to handle and they are good for lifting off all low profile vehicles. For all fans of low profile 1.5 ton floor jack, Pittsburgh Automotive has a fantastic offer.

1.5 Ton Heavy Duty Floor Jacks

A heavy-duty floor jack is for all those people who need a strong car jack that is easy to adjust wherever you want due to its casters. Pro-Lift offers extremely high quality heavy-duty 1.5 ton floor jack.